Thursday, May 1, 2008

Well I Woke Up This Morning........... !

I didn't go to AREA 51 last evening and the first thing I thought about this morning was that today is going to be a weird day. So far, so good !

This Just In: Washington (Reuters) - A tragic fire yesterday in the White house destroyed the personal library of President George W. Bush. All three of his books were destroyed. A presidential spokesperson said President Bush was devastated as he had not finished coloring the third book.

Today is Law Day, not Immigration Day ! CNN's theme today is coverage of Immigration Day and May Day. In reality, today is Law Day, a day proclaimed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on May 1, 1958 and codified into law on April 7, 1961. It is supposed to be the celebration of law in the United States and demonstrated by the display of the American flag.

Instead, we have a major cable news network, CNN, covering protests for and by illegal immigrants. Evidently very unaware of the fact that today is Law Day, CNN, while interviewing Lou Dobbs today, was made aware of the fact by Mr. Dobbs. In the following thirty minute news segment, CNN began mentioning the fact that today is also Law Day.

Only in America is one allowed to be illegally in the country, and on top of that, create a disturbance and protest the fact that they should be given the right to be here. In their own countries, they'd be arrested in a New York minute and possibly injured or killed. Law Day or Immigration Day, the two together create quite the oxymoron.

It's a tradition in India to take babies up to a temple and drop them from a height of more than two stories into a stretched sheet held by followers. Shown in a CNN video report today, the video was absolutely horrible and scary to watch. They claim that no baby has never been injured and this west Indian tradition has been going on for more than 500 years. Apparently, it is considered a sign of good health and good luck (what?). I can't tell you if that is true or not, but I'm pretty sure these babies grow up to be AOL technicians. 

The Pictures: The second installment of fruits and vegetables in disguise. If you liked the book, you'll love the pictures (what?).

This Date In History: 1707; The Act of Union unites England and Scotland as the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Both countries adopt a single flag, the Union Jack. 1931; The Empire State Building in New York City has its official opening. At the time, the skyscraper is the tallest in the world. 1941; Citizen Kane, starring and directed by Orson Welles, premieres in New York. It will later be hailed as one of the greatest films of all time. 1945; Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels commits suicide as Russian troops storm Berlin at the end of World War II. 1963; James W. Whitaker is the first American to reach the top of Mount Everest, the world's tallest mountain. 1967; Rock and roll super star, Elvis Presley marries Priscilla Beaulieu in Las Vegas.

Birthdays: The Duke of Wellington, British general and prime minister, best known for his defeat of Napolean at the Battle of Waterloo (1769), Glenn Ford, actor (1916), Joseph Heller, novelist (1923), Scott Carpenter, astronaut (1925), Steve Cauthen, jockey (1960).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

A secret service agent was coming home from headquarters one day when he noticed that there was a lot more traffic than normal. As he got further up the road all of the traffic had come to a halt. He saw a policeman coming towards his car, so he asked the cop what was wrong. The cop said, "Man we are in a crisis situation. Barack Obama is in the road very upset. He does not have the $5 million that he owes his lawyers and everyone is on his ass with this Rev Jeremiah Wright scandal. He is threatening to douse himself in gasoline and start a fire."

The secret service agent asked the cop exactly what he was doing there." The cop said, " I feel sorry for Obmaso I am going car to car asking for donations." The agent asked, "How much do you have so far?" The cop replied, "Well as of right now only 33 gallons, but many people are still siphoning as we speak!"

George W. Bush went to see the doctor to get the results of his brain scan. The doctor said: "Mr. President, I have some bad news for you. First, we have discovered that your brain has two sides: the left side and the right side."

Bush interrupted, "Well, that's normal, isn't it? I thought everybody had two sides to their brain?"

The doctor replied, "That's true, Mr. President. But your brain is very unusual because on the left side there isn't anything right, while on the right side there isn't anything left."

That's it for today my little pencil sharpeners. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !


lsfp1960 said...

Well, first of all please accept my congratualtions on waking up this morning.  That's a good thing !  (According to Martha Stewart).  And it seems you're also correct about it being a weird day.  At least your entry today is a little different than usual.  So tonight what???  Watch the Thursday night shows or off to the "watering hole?"  Linda in WA  

garnett109 said...

Oh no his libraryon fire did his crayons melt?

midwestvintage said...

 I always love it when I wake up.  I can enjoy another fun filled day.  Love the jokes today.


lanurseprn said...

I agree with you on CNN. They really made me angry today. That's ALL they talked about today. Our local news broadcast they show from downtown LA where they were protesting.
I don't understand what they think they will accomplish?? Nothing changed. They are STILL here illegally. The news kept saying that there were less people in LA as compared to last year when 200 people got injured. OH..and they kept asking "Where is the LA Mayor?" LOL! He wasn't around last I heard.  Maybe he showed up tonight...but the crowd was dispersing. LOL!
I know..I know...another one of my soap boxes!
Hope you have a good night.

rdautumnsage said...

Skipping Area 51 last night, definitely didn't put a dent in your humor, your in fine form today. Loved the food art. I've known for sometime now that America is steepled in oxymoronic intentions. Should of been a clue with politicians promising one thing and giving something else altogether...Just don't ask a Native what we think of the newest imigration issues (winks) your ears may bleed. I almost lost my coffee on the part about the India children growing up to be AOL technicians, these days you never know. (Hugs) Indigo

mpnaz58 said...

Only in the good ol' US ofA!  This is such a major topic, especially here in the SW where we are only 70 miles from the border...I see no end in sight.  Between law enforcement, who put their lives on the line every day, to the politicians who speak with forked the humane rights people who put water in the desert...its a mess!
xoxo ~Myra

bamawmn46 said...

I do not consider being dropped from two stories good luck. I think TBI is more accurate!

Have a good one, JImmy!!!!!!!

shrbrisc said...

So true