Monday, October 22, 2007

You Just Can't Go To The Movies Any More !

I watched a commercial for a movie that has just been released and for a brief moment, I considered going to see it. I remembered going down the carpeted aisle the Olympia Theatre, a large beautiful structure in downtown Miami, since remodeled and refurbished and now known as Gusman Hall. It was an elegant theatre and I watched many movies there as a teenager. We would get a hot dog and a coke ($ .75, including admission), sit down, and enjoy the movie, which came after the cartoons, the Serial, and the Movietone News..

It was paramount that you didn't spill anything and you definitely did not put your feet up on the seat in front of you, as the inevitable flashlight shine from the impeccably dressed ushers would be forthcoming. Other than crowd reaction such as  (I still can't leave that line alone) laughing at a joke or a gasp if a monster appeared, there was a silent respect in the theater. That was then.....

The last time I went to a movie theater was about thirty years ago. I took my wife and children. There was no carpeting, no ushers, a dirty floor and people talking during the movie. I managed to stick it out and watch the entire movie only because it was a movie that the children had looked forward to seeing. When we left the theater, I told my wife that that was the last time I would ever go to a theater again. I have no idea what happened to common courtesy and manners in a theater, but it's just not the same any more.

The Pictures: I don't know if it's my computer or AOl, but the pictures function is balky today. I've managed to load four thus far, but it's been a pain in the ass. If you see more than four pictures, I finally got everything working, in which case, I won't delete this text because it fills space. If successful, I've got some pictures of Hawaii, some freshly sheared sheep, a picture of an odd Quiver Tree in South Africa and some lessons in photography. Last, but not least, Woody has some funny pictures and the "usual suspects".

This Date In History: 1746; Princeton University is charted. 1918; The first case of Spanish influenza is reported begining a pandemic that will cause an estimated 20 million deaths worldwide. 1962; The Cuban missle crisis begins. President John F. Kennedy announces that the USSR has a missle installation in Cuba and declares a naval blockade to prevent missle shipments.

Birthdays: Frantz Liszt, Hungarian-born paianist and composer (1811), Joan Fontaine, actress (1917), Brian Boitano, figure skater (1962).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

The Doctor requested a sperm count for the 75 year old man as part of his physical exam. He gave the man a jar and said, "Take this jar home with you and bring back a sample tomorrow."

The next day, the man returned with the jar which was clean and empty, like the day before. The doctor asked the man where the sample was.

The man said, "Well Doc, it's like this. I tried it with my left hand, then I tried it with my right hand. I asked my wife for help and she tried with both hands. We even called our neighbor, Gertrude, and she tried with both hands too. Hell, she even tried squeezing it between her knees."

The doctor was shocked, "You asked your neighbor?". The man said, "Yeah, none of us could get the damned jar open."

How many intelligent, honest, caring men does it take do wash the dishes? Both of them. (The above joke done for your reading pleasure at my expense).


That's it for today, my little chicklets. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !


mariebm56 said...

I only saw 7 images NOT including the 13th one.
I check thru firefox

bamawmn46 said...

So wierd... I could see the pictures when they are little (on your page), but when I enlarged it, I could not get a few of them.

At least Monday is down... only 4 more to go!!


mariebm56 said...

NOPE, doesn't work with the firefox browser either.  SOmetimes images come thru with firefox, but not this time.  Same  7 images appear~

ksquester said...

I got to see a few pictures, not all.  Isn't it a Monday?   Nuff said.   Vegas is tomorrow.  Anne

nhd106 said...

Yep...i can see about 1/2 of them.

So what movie caught your eye?


mpnaz58 said...

I don't go to movie theatres either for many of the same reasons you state.  Let me just add cell phones, text messaging, talking, talking, coming in and out of the aisle...dang how many times do you have to pee??  People are just sooooo rude!  Besides, I'd probably fall asleep, so I'm not paying $10 to fall asleep in a movie theatre when I can do it in the comfort of my own home...for free!  I know, I'm a lightweight :)
xoxo ~Myra