Tuesday, October 30, 2007

There Are New Candidates For The CAT Award !

Just when you thought it was becoming safer to listen to the news once more, the assholes have come out of the woodwork again. Actually, this is good, as it allows us to seek out and expose these jerks and slowly thin the herd, one way or the other. I took yesterday off from my usual post as I had a multitude of things to do and we all know I can't run and chew bubblegum at the same time, so I opted for putting out fires.

Let's start with good news in the alleged robbery case involving (A) O.J. Simpson. The third co-defendant in the robbery, Michael McClinton ( no relation to McBill), has agreed to plead guilty to robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery and testify against O.J. and the other two defendants (who also have turned belly-up and will testify against O.J. and each other).

Since this felony case took place in Las Vegas, we can be relatively assured there won't be a jury of the likes of the Los Angeles County jury, who unbelievably found O.J. not guilty of the murder his wife, Nicole and Ron Goldman. I am so looking forward to this trial !

Then, we have the case of FEMA, who, after attending to the needs of the victims of the California fires (which I thought was a fairly good job), decided to hold a news conference to report on the results of their actions in the fire cases. The "news conference" was hastily arranged and when it occurred, many reporters were unable to attend. FEMA, in it's own unintelligent, inimitable way, let staffers pose as journalists and asked "softball" type questions. Department administrator, Harvey Johnson, took "questions" from four people, identified as three directors and a press aide. The White House strongly criticized FEMA and the agency apologized for its error in judgement, Duh...? The wingnut in charge, who was reportedly ready to be promoted, did not getthe promotion... Duh !

Finally, (A) "Podium Al" Sharpton found a new way to agitate every normal person in the world. It seems Vice-President Dick "Shotgun" Cheney went hunting again at Clover Valley Rod and Gun Club in Dutchess County, New York. A New York Daily News photographer took a picture of a small confederate flag inside a garage on the club property.

When "Podium Al" heard about the flag, he went into to his "outraged" mode, got his traveling podium and demanded (axed) that the Vice-President "leave immediately, denounce the club, and apologize for going to a club that represents hate, lynching and murder to black people" Cheney spokesmen said that the VP never saw the flag and it is unclear that the garage door was even open at the time of his visit. Nevertheless, Sharpton was probably in need of donations after his trip to Jena, Louisiana and this was as close to a ruckus that he could find.


The Pictures: I really like the picture of the little monkey and the pup. There's more, however including our celebrities of today and some of the more interesting scenery in my collection. Of course, there's always a few odd ones, but I'm sure, by now, you've come to expect that.

This Date In History: 1938; Orson Welles stirs nationwide panic with his "War of the Worlds" dramatization over public radio. 1961; Soviet Leader, Nikita Khruschev, orders the de-Stalinization of the USSR. 1972; U.S. President RichardNixon approves legislation to increse Social Security by 5.3 Billion dollars.

Birthdays: John Adam, 2nd President of the United States (1735), Ezra Pound, poet (1885), Louis Malle, French film diresctor (1932).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming: Thanks to sister, Jeanne and brother, Kirt !

A little boy wanted $100 very badly and he prayed for weeks, but nothing happened. Then, he decided to write a letter to God, requesting the money. When the postal authorities received the letter, they decided to send the letter to the president.

The president was so amused that he instructed his staff to send the little boy $5, thinking that the little boy would think that it was a lot of money. The little boy was delighted when he received the money and sat down to write a thank you letter to God, which read:

Dear God; Thank you very much for the money, however, I noticed that for some reason you sent the letter through Washington, D.C. and those assholes deducted $95 in taxes.

An 86 year old man walked into a crowded doctors' waiting room and approached the desk. The receptionist said, "Yes sir, what are you seeing the doctor for today?" The old man said, "There's something wrong with my d**k." The irritated receptionist said, "You shouldn't come into a crowded room and say something like that." The old man replied, "Why not? You asked me what was wrong and I told you."

The receptionist said, "You've embarrassed a lot of people in this room. You should have whispered it or discussed the matter further with the doctor." The man walked out of the room, waited five minutes and returned to the receptionist's desk. The receptionist said, "Yes?" The old man said, "There's something wrong with my ear."

The receptionist smiled with the knowledge that the old man had heeded her advice, and asked, "What's wrong with your ear, Sir?" The old man said, "I can't piss out of it."

That's it for today my little jellybeans. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !


mumma4evr said...

ohh...Al Sharpton irritates the daylights out of me!!!

nhd106 said...

Some interesting photos!


mpnaz58 said...

If you axe me...oh, wait you didn't!  I can't stand that man...no one axed him either!
xoxo ~myra

bamawmn46 said...

Thanks Jimmy....

Only yesterday, I was just thinking about Dick Cheny and his hunting 'problem'... No telling how many CAT awards Al Sharpton has collected... He deserves every one, plus many, many more!!