Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Gonna Be A Party Weekend !

I've been able to distance myself today from the infamous Mr. Murphy, the entity reponsible for "Murphy's Law". On the contrary, thanks to my meeting last evening with Johnny Walker, I've had a good run thus far. Since I'm going to AREA 51 at Lakes Cafe and Pub tonight, it is necessary to go there without any unecessary burdens or restraints, as I seem to accumulate said items without outside interference. It's Karaoke night tonight and I'm in the mood (don't go there), so we'll see what happens. Last week was good, maybe it'll be two in a row.

As you know, I have very little use for attorneys and politicians (other than kindling). My friend, Victor, was kind enough to send me a graphic of a sewage truck which may explain my opinions more explicitly.


The Pictures: I've been very fortunate with pictures this week. Besides my own trips around the net, I've been sent quite a few from different people. Today's an olio of ubiquitous landscape photos, with a few funny ones thrown in. I hope you enjoy them.

This Date In History: 1825; The Erie Canal officially opens, providing inland water transportation between the East Coast and the Great Lakes region. It also allowed a good old mule named Sal the opportunity to be mentioned in song. 1877; British surgeon, Joseph Lister, performs the first operation to repair a fractured kneecap.

For those of you that have not been to either Jimmy's You Tube Site or Possum S. Hemminway's You Tube Site (whch can be linked to on the left sidebar of this journal), I give you the infamous Possum S. Hemmingway.


Birthdays: My pal, Lourdes, has a birthday Sunday, so I thought I'd mention it today. Happy birthday, Sweets ! (19XX), Mahalia Jackson, gospel singer (1911), Sid Gillman, football coach (1911), Francois Mitterand, President of France (1981-1995) (1916), Hillary Rodhan Clinton, lawyer and senator (1947).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming: Thanks to my pal, Victor !

While walking through the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, a man came upon an older man, hugging a tree with his ear firmly pressed against the tree. Seeing this, his curiosity was aroused and he asked the older man what he was doing.

"I'm listening to the music of the tree", the older man replied, "Would you like to try it?" Understandably curious, the man said ok, wrapped his arms around the tree and pressed his ear firmly to the tree. With that, the older man handcuffed him to the tree, took his wallet, car keys and stripped him naked. Then he ran away.

Two hours later, another nature lover strolled by, saw the man stark naked and handcuffed to the tree. He said, "What the hell happened to you?". The man told the guy the whole, sad story.

When he finished telling the other man his story. the other man shook his head in sympathy, walked around behind him, kissed him on the ear and said, "This just ain't gonna be your day, cupcake."

A father watched his young daughter playing in the garden. He smiled as he reflected how sweet and innocent she was. Suddenly, she stopped and stared at the ground. He went over to see what work of God had captured her attention. He noticed she was looking a two spiders mating on the ground.

She asked, "Daddy, what are those two spiders doing?" Her father said, "They're mating." She said, "What do you call the spider on the top?" He answered, "That's a Daddy Longlegs," The little girl replied, "So, that's a Mommy Longlegs on the bottom?"

The father's heart soared with the joy of his innocent daughter's conclusion and he said, "No, Honey, that's a Daddy Longlegs too."

The little girl looked puzzled for a brief moment, then she took her foot and squashed the two spiders, saying, " Well, we're not going to have any of that Brokeback Mountain shit in our garden !"


That's it for today my little foxes. I'll see you tonight at Lakes Cafe. Have a great weekend and more on Monday!

Stay Tuned !


midwestvintage said...

Possum S. Hemmingway is so cute, I love the white paws.   Loved the jokes today, the pictures, just an all round good entry.  Have fun this weekend.


mumma4evr said...

great way to start my morning with a laugh

monponsett said...

I put James Beam in my will, just to get a posthumous (?) laugh out of my attorney.