Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Proverbial " I'm Sorry" Routine !

Marion Jones, the winner of 5 medals in the Sidney Olympics in Australia, has admitted to taking steroids and has been forced to return all of the medals that she won. Vehemently dening the rumors, she arrogantly asserted that her wins were due to her "God given ability". She, now, is suddenly apologetic and is admitting her discretions. The actual reason for the apolgy is that evidence was discovered that she had indeed taken steroids and that an investigation and possible prosecution was eminent, thus the "apology". I wonder if her apology was based on I'm sorry I did it or I'm sorry I got caught.

Michael Vick is another person who denied rumors of dog cruelty and dog fighting and when the feces hit the oscillator (the shit hit the fan for the hard of understanding), he, too, was apologetic. Barry Bonds is another one whose days are numbered and if the investigations reveal what is commonly known and believed, he, too, will be stripped or fined or both. In Vick's case, I'm beginning to wonder about his IQ, in that he stands to lose over one hundred million dollars. I mean, what could he have been thinking?

The constant "I'm sorrys" from sports figures and celebrities disgust me. The "do a little dance, tell a little lie, get out of jail" (my apologies to my friend, K.C. for the bastardization of his lyrics) is becoming trite. If it were you or I, are asses would be up the proverbial "Shit Creek". Actually, Shit Creek exists as evidenced by the following photo.


The Pictures: I've got quite a few today. No theme, just things that I like. There's a few hidden visual messages in there, but you know who you are. As you know, I am wont to display a lot of hidden, cryptic and blatant messages and themes.

I have to show you the picture of "Honey", the seven year old golden retriever. After her owner brought home a 6 week old abondoned kitten, Honey, who had pups 18 months prior, attempted to approach the kitten, The owner was hesitant, thinking that Honey might harm the kitten because of her size. Eventually, she got her way and began licking and taking care of the kitten. A day and a half later, Honey began to lactate and is now nursing the kitten.


This Date In History: 1701; Yale Unversity is charted. 1876; The first telephone conversation over outdoor wires is held. 1930; Laura Ingalls becomes the first woman to complete a solo transcontinental airplane flight. She later goes on to star in "Little House on the Prairie" (I made that last part up).

Birthdays: John Lennon, singer and songwriter (1940), Trent Lott, senator (1941), John Entwhistle, member of "The Who" (1944).

Whoopi Goldberg, on "The View" today, said that she thought that (A) "Podium AL" Sharpton should apolgize to the Duke La Crosse team for all the "racist" remarks he made about them, especially  since it turned out to be false, slandering and thrown out of court. Kudos to you, Whoopi !

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:  (Thanks to my pal, Anne)

Two statues were in a park, one of a nude man and one of a nude woman. They had been facing each other in the park for over 100 years.

One day, an angel came down from the sky and, with a single gesture, brought them both to life. The angel said, "For being so patient over 100 years of blazing summers and brutal winters, I will give you one hour of life to do what you wished the most."

He looked at her and she looked at him and together, they ran off behind the shrubbery. The angel waited patiently as the bushes rustled and giggling ensued, and after thirty minutes they both emerged from behind the shrubbery.

The angel said, "Um, you still have thirty minutes left. Would you like to do it again?" He looked at her and said, "Shall we?" She eagerly replied, Oh yes ! Lets ! This time, I'll hold the pigeon down and you shit on his head."

That's it for today, my little hedge trimmers. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !


ksquester said...

Oh, I love that story about Honey.  How wonderful.  My thought is she only apologized because she was about to be exposed.  Going out for cocktails and dinner tonight with my pals.  CHEERS!   Anne

nhd106 said...

Great, well-rounded entry, Jimmy...whatever the hell THAT means.   oh, and IF I am the pal with the new home, it won't be happening for another month or two.  If NOT me, then be ready to put a pic there for me, say, in about a month or two.
(Sorry...I'm hurting at the moment...tripped a little and pulled a rib or something)

Nancy  :(

acoward15 said...

It's a good job Mary Ingalls didn't attempt the flight!

lanurseprn said...

I'm sure she is just apologizing because she's sorry she got caught. I mean, come on! These people aren't "sorry!"
I really enjoyed your pictures today. The scenery ones are stunning. Especially the lightening picture. Wow!
And the story of Honey is great! Thanks for posting that. It made me smile.
Have a great day!

mariebm56 said...

More funny images....do you edit them???