Friday, June 29, 2007

Two Down And One To Go !

Well, there's one more party tonight and I'm already behind schedule. Things went well last evening and somewhere (over the rainbow? Don't start !) after 4:00 this morning, I found my car and then found my way home. Assuming I get through tonight intact, I will be contacting Palmetto Hospital Saturday to schedule a body transplant 'cause this one's been used way too long.

I'm changing formats today to expedite my entry 'cause I gotta be at the party by 9:00. I'll have more for you tomorrow, including the CAT Award winner(s), more stories from last night's and tonight's parties and the "usual suspects".

As per my usual, I arrived at AREA 51 last evening and like the standard answer in a Miss America contest when they ask the contestant how they would change the world, we decided to "solve world hunger". I sang a few songs last night and then, like a thief in the night, my alter ego took over and said, "You know.... you dance just like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Why don't you dance the meringue with Barbie?" I should have paid him no attention, but... you know me. Well John Travolta was young when he danced in that movie. I'm still looking for body parts.

The Pictures: My friend, Robert, took these pictures and when I came out of my coma this morning(?) they were already waiting to be downloaded from my email. Thanks, Robert !

I'm relatively sure I sent some videos to my You Tube site this morning. If you look under "favorites", you can click the link and see them. 

This Date In History: 2007; I'm sure something happened but I did no research.

Birthdays: Happy Birthday to all, especially in Cincinnati.

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

A special thank you to the Miami Herald for covering last night's party.


That's it for today, my little cub reporters. If you don't hear from me by tomorrow afternoon, call the search party. More tomorrow! 

Stay Tuned !


lanurseprn said...

I sure hope you have a good time tonight and most of all.....SURVIVE!! JLand wouldn't be the same around here without my occasional Cosmo from you Jimmy! Have one tonight for me, ok?

nhd106 said...

What's up with you and Cincinnati anyways??


rhotshoes said...

Jimmy you are a trip!!  Your journal is truly a source of information and entertainment.  Keep up the good work!   Love U