Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Perils Of Mozart The Iguana !

Remember Mozart, the Iguana with a hard....er, difficult problem? Well, for those who missed it, I'm bringing back his video on Reuters News Services. Mozart had quite a dilema, as you will see, and things got very scary! Surgeons were brought in and all was lost, that is until the reporter gave us some interesting and import news as to the anatomy of an iguana. Interestingly, the facts revealed makes one envious to some degree and all turned out well. Authors note: Some brief iguana nudity. Not to be watched by the hard of understanding(you'll pardon the expression) or those who have had a humor bypass.

Odds and Ends: Rosie O'Diesel says she's meeting with representatives of "The Price Is Right" with the idea of replacing retired host, Bob Barker. The thought of RO'FA saying "come on down" annoys me to the nth degree. If you like to express your thoughts to The Price Is Right program you can email them at pir@tvc.cbs.com . I did !... Larry "da judge" Seidlin has resigned from the bench stating he wants to spend more time with his family (right !) and explore media and book opportunities. Another "Judge (Judy) Seidlin"? Gag me with a spoon ! For those of you using AT&T, effective last Saturday, they are offering internet connection at $10 per month. The reason they are not hyping it is that they're not happy about it. That was a concession they had to make in order to purchase Cingular and BellSouth. Check out their fine print (requires 12 month term). Oh,....and Precious is still in the hoosegow, Britney's cats and puppies have not escaped today and Lindsey cancelled her birthday bash, 'cause she's still in a coma.

Here is "The Perils Of Mozart".


The Pictures: Postcards, Postcards. Billboards, Billboards. Larry "da judge" Seidlin, Rosie O'Diesel, some beautiful scenes and wildlife and.......!

Date In History: 1953; Americans Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, convicted of passing nuclear weapons information to the Soviet Union, are executed. 1973; The Rocky Horror Show opens in London. 1984; The Chicago Bulls pick Michael Jordan of the University of North Carolina third in the NBA draft.

Birthdays: James I of England, British and Scottish king (1566), Lou Gehrig, baseball player (1913), Salmon Rushdie, novelist (1947).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:   Proverbs

Fools rush in where where fools have been before. To avoid duplication, make three copies. It's called "take home" pay because you can't afford to go anywhere with it. Success is relative; the greater the success, the more relatives. Anyone can be a winner, unless there's a second entry. If at first you succeed, try to hide your astonishment. If you look like your passport picture, you propably need the trip. It's ok to let your mind go blank, but please turn off the sound. Middle age is when broadness of the mind and narrowness of the waist change place.

That's it for today, my little veterenarians. More Tomorrow.

Stay Tuned ! 


bamawmn46 said...

Poor Mozart.... Does make you wince, even if there is an extra... ouch....

acoward15 said...

Wasn't Ethel Rosenberg executed by BBQ!

midwestvintage said...

  Poor Mozart.  I loved the picture of the pelican, oh to take a picture like that just once.  Enjoyed your entry as usual.


rdautumnsage said...

I can't imagine anyone being able to replace Bob Barker on Price is Right let alone, Rosie. If that's the only option perhaps it's time to retire the show as well. I loved the pics. of the African Wolves. I'm still laughing about the one with the back to school sale of the condoms lol! (Hugs) Indigo