Monday, June 25, 2007

Mo..Mo...Monday !

In The News: They arrested Bobby Cutts Jr, the animal who killed pregnant Jessie Davis and her unborn child, along with Myisha Ferrel, another animal, who aided and abetted him... Speaking of animals, the Taliban strapped a bomb on a five year old boy and sent him to American and Afghan troops. The child obviously did not understand what the Taliban did and asked the troops to take the vest off him, which the troops did. No one was injured... The Dry Cleaner owners who were sued by a customer, (a judge, Roy Pearson Jr), for 54 million for losing a pair of pants, won their case in court today. They were awarded attorneys fees, which were substantial... Columbian born Nascar driver, Juan Pablo Montoya won the Sonoma California Road Course race Sunday... Rosie O'Diesel reportedly turned down an offer from "The Price Is Right", citing commuting problems. Evidently, Rosie wanted to tape all the shows in one fell swoop as opposed to spending the work week in L.A. and commuting to New York on the weekends... Paris Hilton will be paid to appear on "larry King Live" Wednesday evening. Good taste, Larry, you may be nominated for the CAT award this week.

I traveled around journal land this weekend, seeing some friends and reading other journal sites that I had not read in the past. I found a lot of sites I enjoyed, some very heavy and deep with thought, some specialty sites who deal with a particular theme or hobby and quite a few comical, down to earth sites.

Me? I try to deal with humor and music, with the occasional soapbox oration. I am well aware of the world's problems and situations, along with the realities of life. When the dust settles, I like to retreat to my journal, and deal with things that amuse me, surprise me, angers me or just comes off the top of my head when I begin my entry. It's my little oasis in the desert of life. Stop by anytime. There's always a sofa and something to drink. We'll leave a light on for 'ya.

The Pictures: It's called "only in", pictures combined with captions that I hope will amuse you. Canyonlands, some great shots of some of the most beautiful canyon parks in America. Oh, and I left a picture of how to deal with Bobby Cutts Jr. You'll know which one it is when you see it!

This Date In History: 1876; A force of Sioux and Northern Cheyenne lead by Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull defeats about 260 U.S. Calvary led by General George Custer in the Battle of the Little Big Horn. 1950; The Korean War begins when North Korean forces crosses the 38th parallel into South Korea.

Birthdays: Lord Mountbatten, naval officer and Viceroy of India (1900), Robert Venturi, architect (1925).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

Before I go to the "Hits", I have to share with you a little inside humor from my pal, Nancy. As I told you previously, in my travels around journal land, one of my stops was at "Notions of Nancy". She had asked to take on a task which involved three questions, all asked of her. The catch was if you asked the three questions, you had to repeat the same theme on your particular journal (which I may do if...).

Being the maverick that I am, I gave three answers, thus avoiding the onus of being obligated to repeat the theme. My answers were; a) about three o'clock in the morning. b) because I said so. c) Peter, Paul and Mary..and sometimes "why". I marveled at my wit as I saved my comment to post. As I was making today's entry, I received a response from the very clever Nancy, to wit:

Ok Mr. Jimmy...
You are a silly man.
But to answer your answers...
The first question is:
What is your bedtime?
The second is:
Why do you think Rosie is fat?
And finally:
Who did you never see in concert, but Nancy saw at least 4 times?
PS.  Thanks much for the wine...quite yummy~
I will finish in Nancy's script as I'm not sure how to change it back. Thanks Nancy, that cracked me up!
That's it for today my sneaky little rug rats. If I can figure how to go back to my script, I'll add the hits. If not, more tomorrow.
Stay Tuned ! 


nhd106 said...

Wow...if I knew I was going to be "published"...I might have given more time to my response.    You and I can have a battle of the wits...or at least the nit wits!


bamawmn46 said...

Yep, I knew which picture was for Bobby Cutts!!  Guess the sharpie was to draw the target....  BTW, I enjoyed all the other pictures!  

Have a great Tuesday!

midwestvintage said...

   Loved all the pictures, especially the 24 hour fitness escalator.


acoward15 said...

The world is far to serious. It's always better to just stand back and have a good laugh at it.

rjet33 said...

I found you by way of Andy's journal.  I love music myself, especially the 70's music.  I am telling my age now, aren't I?  ::wink::  It would be a person worse than an animal that would strap a bomb onto a child.  I am glad they caught the devils who killed poor Jessie.  That was awful.  The world is such an evil place anymore.  It is always great to make new friends in J-Land.

Have a great rest of the week!~