Saturday, June 23, 2007

NBC Wins C.A.T. Award....ABC, A Close Second !

NBC snared the highly esteemed Cat Ass Trophy today, narrowly edging out ABC. It was neck and neck until the end, with NBC squeaking ahead in the final minutes. Purely because of the candidates' intent, both networks were in the running, but ABC's lowly $100K bid for the Paris interview was buried by NBC's whopping One Million dollar offer, thus assuring NBC of the CAT Award win.

NBC and ABC have quickly retracted their offers for the interview, probably after reading Jimmy's Journal (Yeah....right! Shut up). NBC's Senior Vice President, Allison Gollust, said, "There's nothing to pull the plug on because we never committed to this." But knows a producer was already signed to the interview, which was supposed to air Tuesday on "Today". Multiple sources say camera people and producers were told to be ready (code word ROME) and that the piece would be shot in L.A. and edited in New York.

In Friday's edition of the New York Post, the headlines read, "So, Crime DOES Pay, Paris" Evidently not. I guess all roads don't lead to ROME. Congratulations NBC, you 'da man !

AREA 51: Happy hour started slow with the exception of a group of my pals from Puerto Rico who brought a ton of friends and had a great time. SR the Golfer was there along with Fermin, Dr. Marc (who was later joined by Rosie and my pal, Danny), Guillermo, Mario, Melina and Emilio.

The evening crowed arrived later headed by my pals, Barbie and Maritza, who joined me in AREA 51, Larry and Rhodie, Jorge, and Bob. My pal Vega joined us also and after Kenny finished his happy hour performance, Estevez took the stage and the evening shifted in to high gear on cruise control. As you might imagine, everyone had a fine evening and Friday was put to rest at around late-thirty!

The Pictures: Drinks for the ladies ! Pictures for Indigo, Julie and Nancy, AREA 51, and the "usual suspects".

This Date In History: 1845; The Congress of the Republic of Texas agrees to join the United States 1917; After Boston Pitcher, Babe Ruth, is ejected for arguing about a base on balls, reliever Ernie Shore retires 27 straight men and two homosexuals and is credited with a perfect game.

Birthdays: Alfred Kinsey, sex researcher (1894), Bob Fosse, choreographer and director (1927).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:  Kudos to my sister, Jeanne ! 

Warning: Not for the hard of understanding or people who have had a humour bypass !

Two cowboys entered a local bar and sat down for a few beers. Suddenly, a young lady sitting near them began choking. Noticing that the young lady was apparently in distress, one of the cowboys said, "Kin ya' breathe?" The young lady shook her head, no.

With that, the cowboy stood up and went over to the lady. He lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and licked her from the back of the thigh to the small of her back. The woman was shocked into a violent spasm, the obstruction flew out of her mouth and she began to breathe again.

Upon returning to his table, his friend said, "Ya' know, I've heard about that there "Hind Lick Maneuver" before, but I ain't never seen nobody do it." 

That's it for today, my little dragon slayers. Have a great weekend and more on Monday.

Stay Tuned !


bamawmn46 said...

Thank goodness someone won the C.A.T. award this week... and to think I was beginning everyone in the world was beginning to be nice to others, etc!

Sounds like Area 51 was as fun as always! Thanks for the drink!


jtbeanster said...

I always know when my brother Jim has a good time at Krystel's as I have to call and remind him to add Sunday's entry.  By the way, Jim, Denny Hamlin won the race last night.

rdautumnsage said...

I'm hoping soon we can all be relieved from ever having to hear Paris name mentioned again. But with the ignorant idiotic journalist out there I don't think we will be rescued any time soon from the ridiculious. Loved the pics! (Hugs) Indigo

lanurseprn said...

Hey Jimmy, thanks for the Cosmo! It's my favorite!
I'll be glad when all of the Paris hoopla is done. I'm so sick of it!  
Your nephew was a handsome young man.  I'm sorry he's gone.
Hugs to you,
Pam xoxoxox