Thursday, June 7, 2007

Just Like In WWII, Paris Is Liberated !

Paris Hilton has been freed ! Rest easy, my little inmates, she's free at last. Great God Almighty, free at last ! Fret not, she's still doing "time". In fact, her 45 day sentence has been reinstated. She was released due to "mental anguish" (isn't a brain required in order to have that malady? ,Yep !). She will spend the next 40 days confined to her mansion and will only be allowed outside for 30 minutes per day. Of course, she can still have friends over and party. Let's not be harsh.

Bob Barker, the host of "The Price Is Right", retired yesterday. I'm having difficulty in imagining who will replace him. Whoever it will be, that'll be some large shoes to fill. Good Luck, my friend ! 

AREA 51 REPORT: Krystel's Restaurant and Nightclub was it's "Cheersy" self last evening, with quite a few of the regulars in attendance (see pictures). A slight scandal erupted when I received a phone call from a friend and had to leave early on a mission.

In my haste, I evidentally didn't advise enough people that I had been assigned to a mission and subsequently received several phone messages from my friends wondering "where the hell did you go?" I listened to the messages today, since I left my cell phone in the car after returning last night. Of course, since I'm sworn to secrecy, I can't fill in all the details.

The Pictures: Paris Hilton played her card last night and is free. Pic's of the regulars who attended last evening, either in body or spirit. And, then there's Maude (What? You heard me !). 

This Date In History: 1864; The Republican Party nominates Abraham Lincoln for his second term as President. 1905; The Norwegian Parliament decides on the separation of Norway from Sweden.

Birthdays: Paul Gauguin, painter (1848), Jessica Tandy, stage and film actress (1909), Prince, singer and songwriter (1958).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:  S T A T E  M O T T O S   PART III

Oregon: Spotted Owl...It's What's For Dinner ! Pennsylvania: Cook With Coal. Rhode Island: We're Not Really An Island. South Carolina: Remember the Civil War! We haven't Surrendered Yet! South Dakota: Closer Than North Dakota. Tennessee: Home Of The Al Gore Inventions Museum. Texas: Se Habla Ingles. Utah: Our Jesus Is Better Than Your Jesus. Virginia: Who Says Government Officials And Slackjaw Yokels Don't Mix. Washington: Our Governor Can Out-Fraud Your Governor. West Virginia: One Big Family...Really ! Wisconsin: Come Cut The Cheese. Wyoming: Where Men Are Men... And Sheep Are Scared... Home Of Brokeback Mountain. District Of Columbia: A Work Free Drug Place !

That's it for today, my little cheese cutters. It looks like we have no real candidates for this week's C.A.T. award, but there's always.....More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !   


rdautumnsage said...

Mental Anguish my ass! How many other people do you think can push that excuse and get away with it? Do tell the details about last night. After all you have to appease your loyal admirers right? LOL! (Hugs) Indigo

lanurseprn said...

Did Paris REALLY get out?? OMG I'm shocked! I wonder how much $$ her parents paid the judges off for that??  Enjoyed your pics and thanks for the Cosmo!!