Tuesday, January 15, 2008

O. J. Is Back - Like A Glass Of Water In The Desert !

As a journalist, I occasionally have dry spells when it comes to topics. Fortunately, it doesn't take much to prime my pump and I rely quite frequently on some idiot making a mistake by not leaving well enough alone. Today is no exception as (asshole) O. J. Simpson returns to the limelight.

O. J. was arrested in Miami Friday for allegedly violating the terms of his bail. Michael Pereira, his bail bondsman told authorities that Simpson tried to get him to pass a message to a co-defendant. Periera said that he had not been paid for handling Simpson's bail and he turned O. J. over to authorities because he did not want to face criminal charges.

Simpson currently is in jail in Las Vegas awaiting a Wednesday court hearing. It is expected that prosecutors will request a revocation of bail for violating a court order and that he remain in jail until trial, set for April.

It seems to me that if I were to make a social faux pas, my intelligence would allow the leeway to attempt to either resolve the matter or lie low until the situation blew over or went away. Therein, however, lies the keyword.....intelligence, an asset seemly unbestowed upon the lowly O. J. Simpson.

The Pictures: I'm not too sure why one of the words used to describe my picture choices is "eclectic", but based on the pictures I found for today's photographs, that adjective seems appropriate. Wild dogs and otters  are the shots that struck my fancy today, with a few of the "usual suspects" added into the mix.

This Date In History: 1550; Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England. 1870; The democratic donkey, as drawn by Thomas Nast, makes its debut In Harpers Weekly. 1892; The 13 rules of basketball are published by Dr. James Naismith. 1922; Sinn Fein leader Michael Collins becomes the first prime minister of the Irish Free State (now the Republic of Ireland) and forms a provisional government. 1967; The Green Bay Packers win the First Super Bowl football game, led by Most Valuable Player (MVP) Bart Starr.

Birthdays: Pierre Samuel Du Pont, American industrialist (1870), Gene Krupa, drummer (1909), Lloyd Bridges, actor (1913), Robert Byrd, senator (1917), Martin Luther King, civil rights leader (1929).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

Two blondes are waiting at a bus stop. When a bus pulls up and opens the door, one of the blondesleans inside and asks the bus driver, "Will this bus take me to 5th Avenue?"

The bus driver shakes his head and says, "No, I'm sorry."

Hearing this, the other blonde leans inside, smiles, and twitters: "Will it take ME?"

Kelly limps into his favorite pub. My god! What happened to you?" the bartender asked Kelly as he hobbled in on a crutch, one arm in a cast.

"I got in a tiff with Riley", whispered Kelly to the bartender.

"Riley? He's just a wee fellow," the barkeep said surprised. "He must have had something in his hand."

"That he did," Kelly said. "A shovel it was."

"Dear Lord. Didn't you have anything in your hand?"

"Aye, that I did - Mrs. Riley's right breast." Kelly said, "And a beautiful thing it was, but not much use in a fight!"

That's it for today my little crackerjacks. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !


garnett109 said...

jim the hits just keep me laughing thanks

ksquester said...

I love that last joke.  YEA!!!!  O.J. is in jail, but for how long?   Anne

nhd106 said...

Cute pics!  And today was NOT eclectic...but actually had a theme.    So there!

ksquester said...

awwwwwwwwwwww, THANKS for #6.  Luke says he will send you a "LUKE FOR PRESIDENT" bumper sticker.    THANKS ..............and #16 cracked me up!!!!  Anne

lsfp1960 said...

Love the pictures...Poor O.J. everyone is picking on him (ya right!)  Crackerjacks sounds good right now, but it's too cold to go out to the store.  So I'll just snack on an orange.  Linda in freezing cold western Washington state

mpnaz58 said...

Maybe, finally, justice will be done with the OJ matter.  Well, not really, but we can always hope...he got away with murder.
xoxo ~Myra

ksquester said...

Ahhhhhh, you mentioned Ethel Merman.  "THEY SAY THAT FALLING IN LOVE IS WONNNNNNNDERFULLLLLLLLL!"  Did you ever see the movie, "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World?  If I want to really laugh, I'll watch that movie.  Anne