Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hit The Road,, Jim!

Hump Day, the oasis in the middle of the dreary week where everyone seems to find a way to play hookey from the social confines of maturity (what?). Okay, that's the best I could come up with. I mean how many ways can you say Happy Hump Day?

So, I'll be heading to AREA 51 this evening to see my friends and discuss world problems, come up with ways to solve world hunger and generally shoot the breeze.

As I've ofttimes told you, I'm not real good with remembering names, but faces are always familiar. I also told you how I am becoming my father right before my very eyes. My tales of trips to the kitchen usually resulting in searching for the reason I went there in the first place have also been part of my writings.

With that in mind, I've come up with a video for your dancing and dining pleasures, that may further illustrate how things sometimes go for me.


From the department of poetic justice comes the story of a 21-year-old man in Utrecht, Netherlands, who along with two others, ran down a street with their pants pulled down in the back exposing their rear ends. He then stopped at a restaurant and pressed his rear end against the glass window, and it broke! The end result (you'll pardon the expression) was "severe lacerations to his derriere." It just don't get much better than that!

Barack Obama became the presumptive democratic nominee in last night's elections, but Hillary Clinton, while congratulating Obama for his campaign, has not yet conceded the race. I think that the democrats, in their rock star, second coming of Christ, mentality about Obama will be in for some unpleasant surprises in the future.

Ostensibly, they are basing their future on a smoke and mirrors campaign from an upstart, wet behind the ears, first term senator to lead this country. CNN, based in Atlanta (also known as Detroit south) is beside itself in glee. Supposedly a non-biased cable news program, their fondness for Obama was apparent from day one. There's an old adage; "be careful what you wish for, it may come to pass."

Clinton's camp seems to be campaigning now for a spot on the ticket as vice president. I think this would enhance the democratic chances for the White House, but only time will tell. One must admit, the democratic race for the presidential nomination was filled with excitement this year. Maybe that's what this country needs. We'll see!

The Pictures: Flowers, gathered from many places and a few that I "borrowed" from other journals (namely, Beth, Julie and Nancy). They're always strikingly beautiful (as well as the flowers) and I'm sure you'll like them.

This Date In History: 1896; In Detroit, Henry Ford test-drives his first automobile, the Quadracycle, a two-cylinder engine mounted of four bicycle wheels that has a top speed of 25 miles per hour. 1942; Near the Midway Islands in the Pacific Ocean, American and Japanese air and sea forces begin the three day Battle of Midway. 1989; Months of student-led pro-democracy in Beijing's Tiananmen Square end after the Chinese army crushes the protests. 2003; Television star Martha Stewart is indicted under charges including obstruction of justice and securities fraud, stemming from sales of stock in December 2001.

Birthdays: George III, king of Great Britain and Ireland who presided over the loss of Britain's American colonies. (1738), Natalia Goncharova, painter and stage designer (1833), Gerry Mulligan, jazz saxophonist (1927).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

The family took their elderly mother to a nursing home so that she could receive the best care possible. The following morning after her admission, the nurses bathed her, fed her a tasty breakfast and set her in a chair overlooking a lovely flower garden.

She seemed fine, but after a while the nurses saw her start to tilt sideways in her chair. The nurses immediately rushed to catch her and straightened her up.

Again, she seemed to be okay, but after a short time she slowly started to lean to her side once again. The nurses rushed over and once more brought her back upright. This went on all morning.

Later in the afternoon, the family arrived to see how she was adjusting to her new home. The son said, "So, Mom, how is it here? Are they treating you well?"

His mother replied, "It's pretty nice, except they won't let me fart."

That's it for today my little pogo sticks. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !


ksquester said...

You are good for me mental health. Now there is a frightening thought!  You keep me in stiches and in awe!   Anne

lsfp1960 said...

I heard about the man who lacerated his bum on "Regis & Kelly" this morning. They were all quite hysterical about that incident. Serves the pervert right!  I hope Billary does not become Obama Lama's Vice President...he needs to remember the Vince Foster incident.  That's my opinion for what it's worth.  Yes the flowers are lovely.  Poor old woman...she should have told the staff about her natural gas problem.  Behave yourself tonight....Linda in WA   (thanks for straightening me out about the time difference.)               

nhd106 said...

Thanks...I needed that.   (really)


garnett109 said...

clowns to the left of me jokers to the right , here i'm stuck in the middle with you.
jim i hit area 51 before ya pal . thanks

pm71blackfen said...

LOVE that video Jim, is it because I can relate to it I wonder?!  I hadn't heard the story about the Dutchman, I hope he didn't put anyone off their food! ~~~ Pat

rdautumnsage said...

I never wanted to see the end of an election so much as I have lately in my life. Smoke and Mirrors indeed, I don't think anyone is even aware of the issues at hand. It seems a blk president, a woman vp, history in the making is the agenda...Can they meet the issues or is it all about the history? History has never proved to be reliable in the past so lets get to the facts ladies and gentlemen. See the issues not the color or gender. I would be delighted for a blk president...sigh, I could just do without the smoke and mirrors.

Loved the hits for today hon. (Hugs) Indigo

shrbrisc said...

I so agree

luvrte66 said...

Aww, aren't you sweet. I'm nowhere near as pretty as the flowers, though!