Friday, June 6, 2008

D-Day - Allied Forces Invade Normandy !

On this date in June, 1944, more than 120,000 Allied troops landed on the beaches in Normandy, France in an invasion code-named D-Day. The all-out assault of the heavily manned and fortified German-held beaches was the beginning of the end of Nazi Germany. More than 10,000 troops were killed, wounded or captured in the bloody assault. We are free to do as we want in America due to the valor of the brave men and women who sacrificed themselves this day in 1944 and to the men and women, past and present, of our armed forces.

It's Friday at last and I have another chance to saunter over to AREA 51 and see my pals. It's Karaoke night at Lakes Cafe and Pub, and I'm pretty sure that will be one of my stops. Presuming that I practice my sauntering and don't sit down in my recliner to watch the news before leaving, chances are that tonight will be an evening of fun.

The Belmont Stakes is running tomorrow and my money is on Big Brown, the colt that won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. I'm hopeful that the crack in his left front hoof is or has healed properly and the gallant horse can go all the way and win the Triple Crown.

The CAT Award has two nominations as of today, with nominations being open to everyone until Monday at noon..

Jude nominated Catholic priest Michael Plfeger, whose racist speech about Hillary Clinton given before the Trinity United Church of Christ, raised political and moral eyebrows everywhere. "Father" Plfeger has since been given two weeks off by the Catholic church to "reflect" upon his words.

Sherry has nominated the credit card companies, specifically Citibank for their priceless handling of late fees incurred by a woman who had passed away two months earlier.

You can visit either journal by clicking their journals located on my sidebar. Jude's journal is called "My Way" and Sherry's is called "Sherry's Weight Loss Journey." Stop by and say hello if you get the chance. I sure you will enjoy your stay.

The Pictures: Today's pictures of the D-Day landing are dedicated to the men and women of the Allied forces who sacrificed themselves for freedom. God bless our men and women of the armed forces, past and present, and God bless America.

This Date In History: 1703; Work begins on the city of Saint Petersburg, Russia, meant by Tsar Peter I (the Great) to be a "window on Europe." 1925Under Walter P. Chrysler, a former General Motors executive, the Maxwell Motor Corporation becomes the Chrysler Corporation. 1944; In the largest seaborne invasion in history, known as D-Day, over 120,000 Allied troops land on the beaches of Normandy in German-occupied northern France. 1978; California voters overwhelmingly approve Proposition 13, which cuts local property taxes by more than two-thirds, sending many local governments into financial crisis.

Birthdays: Diego Velazquez, painter (1599), Thomas Mann, novelist and short-story writer (1875), Sukarno, Indonesia's first president (1901), Bill Dickey, professional baseball catcher (1907), Bjorn Borg, Swedish professional tennis player, winner of 11 grand slam tournaments including 5 Wimbledon titles (1956).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

A sailor and a pirate are drinking at a waterfront bar and they proceed to swap sea stories. The sailor notes the pirate's peg leg, eye patch and hook.

The sailor says, "Tell me, how did you come to lose that leg?" The pirate says, "A black squall swept me overboard. While I was in the water, a shark snapped my leg off and I've had this peg leg ever since."

The sailor says, "Wow! And how'd you get the hook?" The pirate replies, "Some scurvy dog with a cutlass hacked my hand off and I've had this hook ever since."

"Amazing!" says the sailor. "And what about the eye patch?" The pirate replies, "A seagull shit in my eye."

"A seagull?" asks the sailor, a bit incredulous. The pirate say, "Yeah, it was my first day using the new hook."

From Verizon Wireless, I give you the next installment of that familiar phrase that we all know and love.


That's it for today my little honeydews. Have a safe and great weekend and more on Monday. 

Stay Tuned !


garnett109 said...

Have a great weekend!

nhd106 said...

Funny dog pic!


midwestvintage said...

 My nominations are for all the people who watched that man get hit by the hit and run drivers and then just let the poor man lay there without helping at all.   Maybe they should read Dante's Inferno!


lsfp1960 said...

I agree with Julie's comment.  I was going to email that one to you.  They could all be grouped into one batch..the guy that hit the old man & left..then the 10 or 12 drivers of cars that passed him while he lay in the street agonizing & didn't stop and then there's those folks walking by on the sidewalk who "didn't want to get involved."  What a bunch of great scumbags.  Yes D-Day is hardly remembered anymore.  I was about 2-1/ dad was somewhere in Europe or North Africa in a U.S. Army Railroad Battalion dispatching trains carrying troops & supplies.  Love the salior/pirate joke...I know a few people I can pass that one on to.  God Bless America !  Linda in rainy, cold Washington state  

pm71blackfen said...

Jim, I can NEVER forget D-Day.  Not only do I work at the Imperial War Museum in London but my birth father was an American GI, I am an original 'war-baby'!  He was from Arkansas and I am trying to find him or any 'family' that I have over there.
Loved the entry as usual.  pat.

shrbrisc said...

lmao the pic says it all . have a great time tonight and I salute the soldiers

jmorancoyle said...

    Happy D-Day. Sounds like a cold thing to say considering how many Americans, Brits and others lost their lives. Without their sacrifice, we'd be greeting each other in German. I'm embarrassed to say I forgot.
    Oh, and I agree with Julie about the credit card companies. I hadn't heard of this particular incident, but it certainly doesn't surprise me. I'm convinced they are all heartless bastards who would sell their grannies for a profit.

lsfp1960 said...

I was just looking back at this entry...I have Verzion Wireless for years and have never had one single bit of trouble with them.  Am I in the minority ?    Linda in WA

acoward15 said...

Lets not forget Bjorn Borg's contribution in the promotion of ridiculously tight shorts!