Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Two Days Of Parties And Now, Humpday? Go For it !

Although today is officially Hump Day, a substantial amount of this week's social energy supply has already been utilized. Fortunately, like any athlete preparing for the playoffs, I am at the top of my game and prepared for another week. Then, of course, after the first of the year, I go to the Sears Organ Transplant Center to have new body parts installed for the coming season.

Christmas Eve, I went to see my friends, Emilio and Melina, to have the traditional "Noche Buena" fare, which usually consists of roasted pork, roasted turkey, black beans and rice and a variety of different Cuban dishes which I thoroughly enjoy. There was a beautiful full moon and that particular night, Mars was aligned so that it seemed to sit right beside the moon. A beautiful sight indeed ! So, we ate along side of our pal, Johnny Walker and conversed until the wee hours. For those of you that received emails from my email address around 4:00 a.m., the culpability rests on Mr John E. Walker, who dictated the messages to me and forced me at bottle point to send them.

Christmas day, I was up at the crack of 11:00 a.m., and after locating most of my body parts and clothing, I heated up some of the roast pork from the night before and Shithead and I ate it. I went over to Lydia and Al's house that evening, accompanied by my Pal, Dr. Marc and his lady friend, Rosie. We had a nice time and you won't believe this, but the esteemed Mr. Walker was at that party, too ! Coincidence? I think not.

Which brings me back to Hump Day. At this time of this entry there's a good chance that I'm going to AREA 51 at Lakes Cafe to see my pals. I don't think I'll stay late, but you know me.... We'll see !

The Pictures: Some photographs of New York City populate the menu list today, along with some odds and ends that I keep forgetting to enter. If it seems a little eclectic today, it's only because I'm eclectic.

This Date In History: 1776; American forces under George Washington raid British Hessian mercenaries at the Battle of Trenton, Pennsylvania. 1865; The coffee percolator is patented. 1941; Winston Churchill becomes the first Prime Minister to address a joint meeting of the U.S. Congress.

Birthdays: George Dewey, American naval officer who commanded a fleet of six ships to victory in the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War (1837), Mao Zegong, founder of the Peoples Republic of China (1893), Henry Miller, American writer (1891), Richard Widmark, actor (1914), Steve Allen, comedian and musician (1921).

The Hits Just Keep On ComingNever step on a duck!

Joe Bob, Jim Bob and Billy Bob are greeted in heaven by St. Peter. "We have only one rule," he says. "Never step on a duck"

But upon passing through the Pearly Gates, they're surrounded by thousands of ducks, and Joe Bob steps on one. The duck quacks and soon, all the ducks are quacking.

"I warned you not to step on a duck," admonishes St. Peter. He shackles Joe Bob to a ferocious looking 260 lbs Amazon woman for all eternity.

Jim Bob steps on a duck and gets tethered forever to a Brute 6 foot 6 redheaded Viking woman.

Billy Bob thinks, poor ole Joe Bob and Jim Bob. And learns to watch his step. So St. Peter chains him to an absolutely gorgeous girl.

"Wow!" exclaims Billy Bob. "What did I do to deserve this?"

"I don't know about you," says the buxom beauty. "But I stepped on a duck."


That's it for today my exhausted little mall rats. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !

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ksquester said...

I don 't want you to feel paranoid but it seems as though you have somebody named Mr. Walker that is following you everywhere you go! (haaaaaaaaaaa)  Be good to him, or he will raise his ugly head!  The Cuban fare sounds delicious!  Anne

nhd106 said...'re eclectic alright!


bamawmn46 said...

I'm at a different computer and for some wierd reason, can't see the pictures...

Enjoy the fun at Area 51 tonight... Hi to Johnny Walker for me, ok?


garnett109 said...

Kinda Like Ex-Lax For people who don't give a shit