Friday, November 23, 2007

I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In !

I'm still here, alive and somewhat well. We had a great time at Lydia and Al's for the Thanksgiving feast. The food and preparations were fantastic and they fed a small army of family, relatives and friends. My best guesstimation was that there was more than thirty people at the dinner. It must have taken Lydia at least two days to prepare everything and that doesn't account for purchases.

Needless to say, I am not at my best today, as I got home on the neighborhood of 2:00 a.m. I was also very happy that it was my neighborhood, but being a quick thinker, I walked over to the neighborhood 7-11 and bought a carton of milk. I wasn't particularly in the mood for milk, per se, but I wanted to look on the carton to make sure that my picture wasn't on the carton under the caption "Have you seen this child".

If I can locate most of my body parts, I am going to see my friends in AREA 51 at Lakes Cafe. I'm pretty sure that all of the inhabitants won't be there because when you deal with the likes Johnny Walker, Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo, like in any firefight, there are always casualties. I was only slightly wounded and escaped any serious harm.

In the interim, here's a picture from my pal, Anne, showing the dangers of a trampoline in a hunting area.


The Pictures: As usual, I wasn't bright enough to remember to take any pictures last night with my cell phone camera, but I've entered sort of a little visual pictorial of my adventures last night. You kinda have to add your own captions to the saga, but if you know me, you'll get the gist of it. There's also a few pictures, cryptic hellos and messages, as per my wont.

This Date In History: 1683; Fighting begins at the Battle of Chattanooga. 1945; With the end of World War II, all rationing stops in the U.S. with the exception of sugar. 1973; Representative Yvonne Burke gives birth to a daughter, Autumn Roxanne Burke, becoming the first member of Congress to become a mother while in office. Authors Note; While the reporting source of this 1973 record was made in good faith by it's author(s), I can assure you the U.S. Senate and Congress has a plethora of members who were mothers prior, during and after their tenures.

Birthdays: Franklin Pierce, 14th president of the United States (1804), William H. Bonney (Billy the Kid), outlaw (1859), Boris Karloff, memorable actor (1887).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming: Thanks to My Perfect Martini !

Colonoscopies are no joke, but these comments during the exam were quite humorous..... A physician claimed that the following are actual comments made by his patients (predominately male) while he was performing their colonoscopies:

1) "Take it easy, Doc. You're boldly going where no man has gone before! 2)  "Find Amelia Earhart yet?" 3) "Can you hear me NOW?" 4) "You know, in Arkansas , we're now legally married." 5) "Any sign of the trapped miners, Chief?" 6)  "You put your left hand in, you take your left hand out..." 7) "Are we there yet? 8) "Hey! Now I know how a Muppet feels!" 9) "If your hand doesn't fit, you must acquit! 10)  "You used to be an executive at Enron, didn't you?" 11)  "God, now I know why I am not gay." 12)  "Hey Doc, let me know if you find my dignity." 13)  "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? 14) "Could you write a note for my wife saying that my head is not up there?"

That's it for today, my little Alka Seltzers. Have a safe and great weekend. If I fully recover, I'll see you tonight at Lakes Cafe. More on Monday.

Stay Tuned !


mpnaz58 said...

You lead a crazy lifestyle!  I don't know how you do it...I can barely keep up with you :)
xoxo ~Myra

ksquester said...

So, it's the "hair of the dog" ?   Are you seeing pink elephants?  Anne

bamawmn46 said...

Thanks for the flowers!!

nhd106 said...

Have a good weekend!  

garnett109 said...

when tossing shooters I take no prisoners!

jmorancoyle said...

    Glad to hear you enjoyed and survived the holiday. Have a happy and a long weekend.

luvrte66 said...

Sounds like you're a real trooper, Jimmy. Aren't long weekends grand?!


acoward15 said...

The "Battle of Chattanooga"! Our disgruntled railway workers have the occasional strike, but a battle is a little extreme.