Friday, August 31, 2007

My Get Up And Go Has Got Up And Went !

The thing about partying is that if you want to dance, you have to pay the band. Tonight will be my fourth partying night in a row and the band is getting expensive. Last night we celebrated Hector's %#th birthday in AREA 51 at Lakes Cafe and Pub. Lourdes, Hector's wife, had a table prepared with grouper fillets, pasta, chicken wings and other assorted goodies and everyone chowed down. All of Hector's family, inlaws and outlaws, were there along with AREA 51 regulars Al and Lydia, Marc and Rosie, My little pal Danny, Guillermo, and the lovely Barbie.

Barbie had called me earlier in the day to go fishing, but I knew the seas would be up and I don't do well in rough weather. She went anyway, along with Guillermo, and they caught a lot of fish. How she went fishing and got back to bathe, get dressed and come to the party is beyond me, but she pulled it off.

But, I digress (all the time. Shut up!). I'm attempting to get up and go again tonight, but I'm really beat. I keep thinking I'm still a kid until I see the old guy in the mirror. To top that off, last night my battery (my car battery !) died again. I just bought one three months ago and it died. So, I had to get up early, call in a favor from my pal, Bob, go get my stupid car, then go and get another battery. I'm more relaxed now, so I'm leaning towards getting dressed and hitting it again. Stay Tuned !

I would be remiss in not remembering Princess Diana on this anniversary of her senseless death it 1997. I'm an emotional person and her death was really a sad day for me. I watched (and taped) all of the services and memorials for her. It reminded me of the same feeling I had when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. It's that feeling you get in your stomach that takes days to overcome.

Moreover, the anger and hatred that I have for the bottom dwelling swine that constantly harrass people trying to get photographs and sell them, gnaws at my insides. It's a damned good thing I'm not famous, because with my temper, my brothers, Smith, Wesson and I would find a method of disposing of these scumbags. Well, I've raved and ranted, so let's get on with the program.

The Pictures: Today's pictures are a modest tribute to Princess Diana along with a few of my favorite pastoral scenes. I hope you enjoy them.

This Date In History1877; American inventor, Thomas Edison, receives a U.S. patent for his motion-picture camera known as the kinetoscope. 1977; Princess Diana of England dies along with her companion, Dodi Fayed, when their car crashes in Paris while evading the paparazzi.

Birthdays: Frank Robinson, baseball player and manager (1935),Van Morrison, Northern Irish singer and songwriter (1945).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming: The Difference Between Fishing and Women.

Fish don't compare you to other fisherman and don't want to know about how many other fish you caught. When you go fishing and catch something, that's good ! When you make love and catch someting, that's bad ! You can catch and release a fish and you don't have to lie to it and tell it that you'll still be friends after you let it go. In fishing, you lie about the one that got away. I loving, you lie about the one you caught. You don't necessarily have to change your line to keep catching fish. Fish don't mind you falling asleep in the middle of fishing.

That's it for today, my little junebugs. Have a great and safe Labor Day weekend. I'm quite sure that this Monday will not be referred to as mundane. I'll have more on Monday (or Tuesday, if my bait is still working).

Stay Tuned ! 


bvaneps834 said...

What does "The server request timed" mean. Instead of a picture that is what I get from quite a few journals! I know what you mean--my get up got up and left too!!

midwestvintage said...

I did a nice 10 mile bike ride today and my get and go is definitely resting right now.  A nice cold Widmers is refreshing and bringing me back to life though.  Might even be up to going downtown and listening to some jazz.  I'm not THAT old yet.


ksquester said...

Are you burning your candle at both ends?   Doc believes in all the early bird specials.  So, I go along.  But I have learned have a light breakfast and no lunch. I remember the death of Princess Di. I still think something is fishy (or is that fishie?) about that.  I had my battery die 10 days ago when it was over 100 and the shopping center that I was parked at, had a security car to "jump me" in a little over a mintue.  Have a good and safe weekend.  Anne

mpnaz58 said...

You may need to chill for a couple of days!!  or weeks!!  I don't know how you manage to party so much, still go to work (you do work?) do you afford it!!??  Sounds like a lovely party :)
xoxo ~Myra

bamawmn46 said...

Dear Jimmy Dah-Lin',
I must make one correction to your entry today. Princess Di was killed in 1997, not 1977.  Di was killed one weekend, Mother Teresa died the next weekend, and my sweet Charlie passed the next weekend. All angels, I might add!!

I understand about the partying thing... I can't (or don't) like I did when it was closer to 1977 <grin>

Have a relaxing Sunday!!