Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An AREA 51 Decision and The Mysterious D. B. Cooper

Today's Hump Day and it has stopped raining. That's good because my ark wasn't coming along very quickly and I was having a hard time determining which two ladies to take with me. But Hump Day's always a good day to slide on over to AREA 51 at Lakes Cafe and scope out the inhabitants as well as stop world hunger and resolve world problems. It's a difficult task, but someone's got to do it.

Then, again, there's alternate Plan B, which is to go to my friend Mercy's house because she wants to rehearse some music this week for a possible future engagement. I've known Mercy for many years and she's a great singer and performer. On top of that, she's easy on the eyes. It's too early to make a decision. We'll the interim, here's a picture of Mercy.


Some children found a parachute buried in the ground in southeast Washington State arousing a 36 year old mystery of the infamous D.B. Cooper, who hijacked an airplane in 1971. Cooper released the passengers of the airplane for a ransom of $200,000 and requested to be flown to Mexico. During the flight, Cooper (and the ransom) parachuted out of the airplane somewhere over the Washington-Oregon area and was never heard from again.


                                                D. B. Cooper

A small amount of the ransom money ($5,800) was found by a family while on a picnic in 1980. Authorities suspect that Cooper must have perished because of the roughness of the terrain and inclement weather but neither Cooper nor, the rest of the money have never been found. If the parachute can be proven to be the one used by Cooper, then the case will take a complete new turn and the legend continued.

It is possible that my pal, Linda in Washington State, could shed some light on this mystery as she has been on several expensive cruises in the past years. One never knows, do one?

Moron Of The Day: A street monkey went into a store to rob it at gunpoint and he was told that only the manager had the combination. The thief gave the worker his cell phone number and told the worker to call him when the manager arrived. They called the moron later and when he arrived, they shot him in the leg and arrested him. Ya gotta love it (CNN).

The Pictures: So, the young lady said invitingly, "Would you like to come up to see my mountain teahouse?" I figured, 'What the hell...., how high tough of a climb could it be?" Well, see for yourselves. Oh, I almost pal, Gipsy, sent me some pictures of an obviously nearsighted moose and a statue of a buffalo.

This Date In History: 1827; German composer Ludwig van Beethoven dies in Vienna. 1885; The first commercial motion picture is manufactured by Eastman Dry Plate and Film Company. 1953; Dr. Jonas Salk announces that he has successfully tested a vaccine against the crippling disease polio. 1962; American poet Robert Frost publishes his first new collection of poems in 15 years, "In The Clearing".

Birthdays: Robert Frost, poet (1874), Tennessee Williams, playwright (1911), William C. Westmoreland, U.S. Army General (1914), Sandra Day O'Connor, first female justice on the U.S. Supreme Court (1930), Diana Ross, singer (1944).

The Hits Just Keep On ComingAsa public service and the continuing education constantly provided by Jimmy's Journal, I give you some of our State Mottos:

Alabama: Hell yes, we have electricity! Arizona: Yes, but it's a dry heat. Arkansas: Hey Uncle Dad ! California: Our women have more plastic than your Honda. Colorado: If you don't ski, don't bother. Connecticut: Like Massachusetts, only smaller. Florida: Ask us about our voting skills. Georgia: Lituracy ain't everything. Indiana: Two billion years tidal wave free. Iowa: We do amazing things with corn. Kentucky: Five million people; fifteen last names. Louisiana: Your federal flood relief and welfare tax dollars at work. Montana: Land of the big sky and the Unabomber. New Jersey: You want a #%# motto? I got yer #%# motto. New York: You have the right to remain silent, You have the right to an attorney.. Texas: Se habla ingles. Utah: Our Jesus is better than your Jesus. Washington: Our governor can out-fraud your governor. West Virginia: One big happy family...really ! Wisconsin: Come cut the cheese. Wyoming: Where men are men and the sheep are scared; home of Brokeback Mountain.


That's it for today my little pop tarts. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !


lsfp1960 said...

Ok my little "pop-tart" here's the deal.  I wouldn't be a bit surprised if D.B. survived, many people feel the same as I do.  In fact Bob swears that he ran into him at a "watering-hole" while on a hunting trip in the southwest Washington area, after that fateful night. And near the area where he could have landed.  This latest find is all over the news here.  I'm sure the "powers that be" have their adrenalin pumping, whilst pulling out the huge stack of dusty files regarding this case.  What's really interesting is that my ex-husband now lives in the town of Amboy, WA (about 2,100 in population).......I wonder what he knows about this. Hmmmm Inquiring minds want to know.        For more information check out KOMO TV's website;     Linda in WA ~  

lanurseprn said...

It would be interesting to finally know what happened to that man. I doubt we will....but I love mysteries.
Your pics today cracked me up. There ain't no cuppa tea on the planet worth that kind of trip!! LOL! Not unless I was sitting with the Queen, perhaps.
Loved the boob paint job on that car. I want that for my own car! LOL!
Hope you had a good week honey.

garnett109 said...

Thanks for my daily chuckles

bamawmn46 said...

Yeah, we have electricity... and the price of it is going up 2% this month.... like it isn't high enough already.....

Hope your hump was fun and full of laughter! After all, isn't that what it's all about?