Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hump Day After Humped Day !

The Wednesday Hump Day oasis is not a mirage, but a welcomed reality. After Super Tuesday, a mellow Wednesday seems entirely in order. A short trek over to AREA 51 at Lakes Cafe is the prescription for a relaxing evening and should prove to be the catalyst for some fun.

Obviously, the first cocktails of the evening are used to induce the answers for the ever growing world and social problems and they are usually resolved in short order. Most of the unresolved problems are usually shifted to the back burner as the cocktails usually begin to dominate the conversations.


Congratulations to the women of the United States of America. If there was anything that had a major effect on yesterday's primaries, it was the women's vote. My thinking is that women have always made it a point to express their opinions and now that there is a woman leading the Democratic national race for president, even more so.

As for Republican (loser) Mitt Romney, his statement yesterday that Mike Huckabee was a spoiler in the Republican race, was just another indication of how inadequate he is as a human being, let alone a presidential candidate. Perhaps the spoiler in the race is Mitt Romney, who has outspent Huckabee 10 to 1. Romney has used 35 million dollars of his own money and is barely ahead of Huckabee.

An interesting subject that arose last evening was the subject of proposed vice presidential running mates. There have been suggestions in the Democratic race, being as tight as it is, of a possible Clinton-Obama "dream" ticket. My personal thoughts is that this will not happen and I'm still looking at a Clinton-John Edwards possibility. The odds of this happening will lessen however as we get closer and closer to the Democratic National Convention.

On the Republican front, it is becoming more and more likely of a McCain-Mike Huckabee ticket. It was suggested however, although remotely, of a McCain-Colin Powell ticket. That would be a "dream" ticket if there ever was one.

It's Hump Day and, quite frankly, I've had enough of politics this week, and especially the political pundits. About half of these idiots can barely master the English language and I find most of them annoying and irritating.

The most recent outburst I heard was from (asshole) Rush Limbaugh, who said that John McCain was no friend to the Republican party and a traitor to the GOP. This annoys me no end and it obviously pissed of my pal, Beth, who lit into him in her journal, Nutwood Junction.

This reminds me of the fact that we have not awarded the Cats Ass Trophy (CAT) award to any of the deserving assholes who have earned it lately. For those of you who are not familiar with the highly esteemed and much sought after award, it is given to deserving people or entities who completely aggravate, defile, injure or generally piss everyone off.

Past winners include (but not limited to) O. J. Simpson, The Mattel Corporation, "Podium Al" Sharpton, Michael Vick, Rosie "O'Fat Ass" O'Donnell, and many other deserving people. The judges are myself and my trusty attack cat, Shithead, together with input from my readers. You may nominate anyone, any time. The winner(s) are announced on Friday. Here is a picture of the highly coveted award.


The Pictures: Driftwood horses, id est, horses made from driftwood for the hard of understanding, are among the pictures selected today. I've obtained some new monkey pictures, but no new ones of "Podium Al" Sharpton. Maybe I'll axe him to send me some new ones. As per my wont, there's always the "usual suspects" along some cryptic and blatant salutations.

This Date In History: 1865; Robert E. Lee is made commander in chief of all Confederate armies, and two months later surrenders to Ulysses S. Grant. 1899; The Spanish-American War peace treaty is ratified by a margin of just vote after an intense fight in the United States Senate. 1933; Sponsored by Senator George Norris, the 20th Amendment to the United States Constitution, known as the Lame Duck amendment, goes into effect. 1952; Elizabeth II succeeds the throne of Britain following the death of her father, George VI.

Birthdays: Anne, queen of Great Britain and Ireland (1665), Aaron Burr, third vice president of the United States (1756), Babe Ruth, professional baseball player (1895), Ronald Reagan, 40th president of the United States (1911), Francois Trufaut, French director (1932).

The Hits Just Keep On ComingReflections On Life

1) Never raise your hand to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected. 2). I'm in shape. Round is a shape. 3) I'm not into working out. My philosophy is no pain, no pain. 4) I'm still trying to figure out why kamikaze pilots wore helmets. 5) Do illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup ? 6) I've always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific. 7) You have to stay in shape. My mother started walking 5 miles a day when she was 60. She's 82 now, and I have no idea where she is ! 8) One out of every three Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your  two best friend. If they're ok, it must be you ! 9) They show you how detergents take out bloodstains. If your t-shirt has bloodstains on it, maybe laundry isn't your biggest problem. 10) Ask people why they have deer heads on their wall and they say it's because they are beautiful. I think my lady friends are beautiful but I only have photographs of them on my wall.

That's it for today my little orange blossoms. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !


nhd106 said...

love the red car series...and of course, the wine!


midwestvintage said...

 Man, I want me one of those driftwood horses.  For a price I bet I could own one.


bamawmn46 said...

Hey Jimmy!
Something else fell on Alabama this morning and it isn't pretty!! I could sure use a bloody mary tonight! Hope you are well and enjoy your evening....


garnett109 said...

the cats ass award has to go to fred phelps the king of assholes

luvrte66 said...

Thanks for the mention, Jimmy! I'm happy to say that I'm much calmer today, but DANG, that rant felt good.

Obviously, I have to nominate our little Rushy for the award. He's earned it!


ma24179 said...

I love the cat butt award!! lmbo!! -Missy

shrbrisc said...

I definately think the cnn and fox political news panel can be deserving of that award as well , lol
keep them rolling

lsfp1960 said...

Ahhhhhh Jimmy, you crack me up !   Linda in Washington state