Friday, September 5, 2008

Listen To The Rhythm Of The Falling Rain, Sleet, Hail, And Tornados

These hurricanes in the Atlantic are (you'll pardon the pun) raining on my parade. There's been intermittent showers thanks to Hurricane Hanna today, but it looks like they will ease up a little to allow me to go to AREA 51 tonight. That fact notwithstanding, tonight's foray may be a little wetter than normal, but you know me.

Hurricane Ike, on the other hand, is making a beeline for south Florida and he may be the more dangerous of the two. It's beginning to look like Hump Day may be celebrated at home.


Thankfully, today is Friday and I'm just going to deal with the matters at hand and much like Scarlett O'Hara, I'll worry about Ike tomorrow.

The Cat's Ass Trophy (CAT) Award has no nominees as yet this week. If Hurricane Ike doesn't get his act together, he'll certainly qualify as a nominee. In the interim, remember that nominations are open until Monday at noon, so keep an eye peeled for deserving candidates.

A black bear in the mountains near Panguitch, Utah, has raided a clandestine pot (marijuana) growing farm so many times that it chased the grower away. Deputies found food containers ripped apart and strewn everywhere, claw marks and bear prints all over the area.

The operation had 4,000 "starter" sacks of pot and 888 withered young plants. The bear was last seen lying in a field, munching down huge amounts of berries and listening to a Pink Floyd tape. You can see more in today's pictures.

The Pictures: Since today's a freaky Friday, I scrounged up some freaky pictures to compliment the day. They're weird, but they struck my eye. I've also included pictures from a clandestine pot growing operation that was abandoned due to the constant, menacing presence of a large black bear.

This Date In History: 1774; Delegates from all of the 13 American colonies except Georgia meet as the First Continental Congress convenes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1877; Oglala Sioux leader Crazy Horse is killed by a U.S. soldier while in custody allegedly after he resists his confinement. 1905; Russia and Japan sign the Treaty of Portsmouth, ending the Russo-Japanese War. The treaty gives the victorious Japanese, a territorial stake on the Asian mainland.

1916; D.W. Griffith's epic motion picture "Intolerance" opens in New York City. 1972; At the Summer Olympic Games in Munich, Germany, Palestinian terrorists murder 11 members of the Israeli Olympic delegation in a hostage-taking attempt that ends with a firefight with German police.

Birthdays: Louis XIV, French King (1638), Jesse James, American outlaw (1847), Napolean Lajoie, baseball player (1875), John Cage, composer (1912), Werner Herzog, filn director (1942).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

A man and woman were in divorce court awaiting the judge's ruling on the financial and property settlement. The judge said, "Mr Clark, I have reviewed this case very carefully and I've decided to give your wife $750 a week."

Mr Clark said, "That's very fair, your honor, and every now and then, I'll try to give her a few bucks, myself."

A rich Texas oilman and his wife were having dinner when a stunning woman comes over to their table, gives the husband a big kiss and walks away. His wife glares at him and says. "who was that?" The husband replies, "She's my mistress."

His wife says, "That's the last straw. I want a divorce and I'm going to hire the meanest, most aggressive lawyer I know and make your life miserable.

The husband says, "I understand, but remember, if we get a divorce, we'll have to divide everything. I'll have to sell our estate, so that we can buy two two smaller homes. I'll have to sell the Rolls-Royce, so that we can buy economical cars. It will mean no more vacations in the Caribbean, no more country club privileges and you'll have to give up all your charge accounts.

Just then, a mutual friend came in with a gorgeous young woman on his arm. The wife asks, "Who's that with Jim?" The husband says, "That's his mistress." His wife says, "Ours is prettier!"


That's it for today my little tiger lilies. Have a safe and great weekend and more on Monday.

Stay Tuned !


rjsisti said...

Stay safe!  I'm a girlfriend and I will decide what to do by Sunday regarding Ike.

Hugs, Rose

pm71blackfen said...

I hope you don't get too water-logged tonight Jimmy, stick to your friend Mr Daniels!

I laughed out loud at your comment on my journal about what to do at a baby shower!  Thanks for the suggestion but....


plieck30 said...

The Texas oilman joke is priceless. Always like the pictures you come up with. I know some of those apes with cowboy hats on. Paula

garnett109 said...

Jim they ain't dead , that's how you dry out Mexican Oregano!
The football player that got traded to the lions that stole undies off of a fellow player for the cat award!

lsfp1960 said...

I heard a rumor that Hanna is going to hit at high tide~not a good combination.  Yikes !  Linda in sunny Washington state

lurkynat said...

you know I was writing you and sheesh it dissapeared! Any how I love this entry!
I am worried about the hurricanes though.
the first Congressional Congress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Awesome! thanks for telling us!

ksquester said...

OK............I hope the IKE takes a hike, outta your way.   Anne

bamawmn46 said...

I hope you made it to Area 51 last night, Jimmy.

Was a good time had by all...??