Monday, September 15, 2008

It's Just Been One Of Those Days

Friday's trip to AREA 51 was cut short due to the death of a family friend of my pal, Emilio. Instead, I accompanied him to the viewing and we spent most of the evening with the deceased's family and friends. The young woman was only 44 years old and succumbed to cancer. I can't begin to tell you how much I abhor cancer and even writing the word aggravates me.

My pal, Garnett's Mom is in the hospital and is in a coma. She was in a coma on a respirator, but as of today, she is now breathing on her own. My prayers are with Garnett, his mom and his family. Please stop by his journal and lend your support. 

The Cat's Ass Trophy (CAT) Award had one nominee made by Garnett, who nominated boxer Roger Mayweather. After telling the media that he didn't believe banks or credit card, then flaunting one million dollars in cash to the media during an interview in his home, was robbed of over seven million dollars in jewelry at a recent burglary in his home. The CAT Award goes to Roger Mayweather. What do you think of banks now, Roger?

The O.J. Simpson trial begins today and a jury has been seated. It's in the early blah, blah, blah stages and methinks it'll be that way the rest of the week. I will be very interested in the outcome of this trial and nothing would please me more than to see his arrogant ass serving time.

The Pictures: A few of us are over 40 and after searching the Internet, I found some computer games available to the older crowd (you know, our parents, their parents, etc.).

This Date In History: 1821; The colony of Guatemala, including the present-day nations of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, declares its independence from Spain. 1830; The Liverpool and Manchester Railway opens. The first railroad to carry both passengers and freight, its success sparks wide spread railroad building in Britain in Britain and the United States.

1928; Scottish bacteriologist Sir Alexander Fleming notices a bacteria-killing mold growing in his laboratory. The mold will later be developed into penicillin, a revolutionary antibiotic. 1935; At its annual convention in Nuremberg, the Nationalist Socialist ( or Nazi) party enacts the Nuremberg Laws, which Jews of basic civil rights.

Birthdays: William Howard Taft, 27th president of the United States and 10th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (1857), Agatha Christie, English novelist (1890), Jean Renoir, film director and actor (1894), Oliver Stone, film director (1946), Dan Marino, football player (1946).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

A city boy was visiting the country and wanted to go hunting. He went to his uncle's farm and asked to borrow his rifle to go hunting. His uncle lent the boy his gun and told him to be real careful around Farmer Johnson's place and not to shoot at any of his farm animals.

The city boy headed off and soon after saw a goat. He managed to creep into range and shot at it. Not knowing if he hit it or anything about animals, the boy ran to the farmhouse and described the animal he shot at to his uncle.

"It was really ugly and it had two saggy tits and a beard!" said the boy.

"Oh, shit!" said his uncle, "You shot at farmer Johnson's wife!"


That's it for today my little poppy seeds. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !


rjsisti said...

I will leave a message with Garnett and my prayers for his MOM.

Also, sorry to hear of the loss of the young 44 year old woman.  So sad.

Hugs, Rose

Roses are Read Journal

ksquester said...

I needed that laugh at the end.   Anne

salemslot9 said...

poor garnett

luvrte66 said...

So sorry to hear about Emilio's friend. I hope the family is doing as well as can be expected.

All my best,

lsfp1960 said...

What a good friend you are to go with Emilio on Friday night. That's really sad.  I've been by Garnett's~am hoping his mom is better. I don't know what to think about those "old codger" pictures. Hmmmm
Linda in Washington state  

bamawmn46 said...

Cute pictures. Of course, ALL of us are much to young to know anything being aged.

Sorry to hear about Emilio's friend and Garnett's mom. I'm with you on the 'c' word. Do YOU think there is a cure and no one is speaking of it?


shrbrisc said...

I smell another bad book deal what about you ..

plieck30 said...

So nice of you to go to the viewing with your friend instead of going out. I'm praying for Johnny G's Mom and for he and Debbie to be able to cope. I was so relieved to see that Superman has aged along with the rest of us. lol Paula

garnett109 said...

Thanks my friend

midwestvintage said...

 You missed Elvira's Birthday.  Shame.   Nice of you to go with your friend  to the wake.


jmorancoyle said...

    My sympathy to your friend and his family.