Thursday, July 10, 2008

T'was The Day Before Friday......

Wednesday became a little complicated and yours truly never hit the street last night prompting several calls as to my whereabouts. My AREA 51 amigos are always good about checking up on a member who is MIA, but there's just some things that I can't (or won't) comment on. Suffice to say last night made me remember the All State Insurance motto.

That said, tomorrow is another day and you can bet your sweet bippy (if 'ya don't know the word, ask your mom) that I'll be on the front lines on Friday!

The TAC Award icon is ready for your consideration and will make its debut tomorrow. My pals, Jackie, who came up with the idea for the award, and Rose, who helped me the graphics have given their nod of approval.

Jesse Jackson's true feelings about Barack Obama came to the forefront yesterday when a casual remark he made to Dr. Reed Tuckson was unknowingly picked up over his microphone, which he evidently didn't know was on.


See, even Jesse Jackson doesn't like Barack Obama. Another minister helps the Obama campaign. It's like deja vu all over again (what?).

The Pictures: Some pastoral scenes and landscapes for your dining and dancing pleasure.

This Date In History: 1890; Wyoming is admitted to the Union as the 44th state. 1913; The National Weather Service records a temperature of 134 degrees in California's Death Valley, the highest temperature ever recorded in the United States.

1925; The so-called Monkey Trial of teacher John Scopes for teaching evolution begins in Dayton, Tennessee. The trial matches nationally famous lawyers Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan. 1999; After playing to a scoreless tie through regulation and overtime, the U.S. women's soccer team defeats China in a shootout to win their second World Cup.

Birthdays: John Calvin, Protestant theologian (1509), James McNeill Whistler, painter (1834), Marcel Proust, french writer (1871), Mary McCloud Bethune, educator (1875), Arthur Ashe, tennis player (1943).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

A woman walks into a tattoo parlor and asks if they do custom work. The artist says that they do. The woman says, "Good, I'd like a portrait of Robert Redford on the inside of my left thigh and a portrait of Paul Newman on the other." The artist says, "No problem, just get up on the table and I'll go to work."

After two hours of hard work, the artist finishes. The woman sits up and examines the tattoos. "That doesn't look like them," she complains loudly. The artist says, "Oh, yes it does... and I can prove it!"

With that, he goes outside the shop and grabs the first man off the street he can find. It happens to be the town drunk. He shows the man the woman's tattoos and the woman asks, "Well? Do you know who these men are?"

The drunk studies the tattoos for a couple of minutes and says, "I'm not sure who the guys are on either side, but the one in the middle is definitely Willie Nelson!"


That's it for today my little wouldpeckers. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !


rjsisti said...

You crack me up!  LOL

Well, tonight is my turn to go out..............some of these old bitties just don't know what it's all about!  I'm not ready to take up knitting!

Hugs, Rose

bamawmn46 said...

Well, well, well....  seems the front isn't as tight as what we had all assumed, is it?

Have a restful Thursday night, Jimmy. Sounds like you might need it when you try to catch up from not showing up to Area 51 last night!  <grin>


garnett109 said...

Deja Vu is a french term meaning 2 on 1

badge9408 said...

I have anomination for one of your awards!  PEEKSKILL, N.Y. (CBS) ― An elderly Westchester man died after police say his adult son left him in a sweltering car for hours, CBS 2 has learned.

The victim, identified as 85-year-old Joseph Pressman, succumbed to the overheating of the Suzuki subcompact car he sat in on Monday afternoon. His 48-year-old son, Theodore Pressman, a local bus driver from Dutchess County, is now facing serious charges in his father's death.

Theodore Pressman is accused of reckless endangerment after police say he left both of his parents inside the car with the windows up after he parked it at an office complex on John Walsh Boulevard. Both parents suffer from dementia and physical health problems that limits their mobility.

The elder Pressman stayed inside the car for at least three hours and died from apparent heat stroke, while his wife walked around the area.

 Peekskill police are baffled why, given his parents age and health problems, would leave them in a hot car to fend for themselves.

It's believed the car had heated up to more than 110 degrees while his father sat inside within minutes.  

According to court papers, Mrs. Pressman told police she couldn't find her way back to the car to check on her husband and didn't know he'd died until her son finished work and found him.


jmorancoyle said...

    Glad to hear it about the TAC Awards. When you're ready, I have the first nomination.

midwestvintage said...

 I am looking forward to the TAC award.  Went out tonight and had a AREA 51 night.  I will pay for it tomorrow but sang a song in your order....out of tune.