Wednesday, July 2, 2008

If I said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me?

Wednesday nights are something like using margarine as a substitute for butter. It's good, but there ain't nothing like the real thing, baby (Plagiarist! Shut up!). It's that part of the week that you're already somewhat stressed from two days of dealing with it and need a form of mental and physical entertainment to keep you from going postal.

The only bad thing about Wednesday nights is that one has to remember that it's only an oasis in the desert of the work week, so moderation is the key an evening of fun.

That's my plan for tonight's exploration into AREA 51. By now you must know I have no determined destination in mind, but that's never stopped me before. My thought for this evening is moderation and I hope the moderator's pretty (You're sick! I know).

My pal, Jackie made a comment yesterday about Joe Horn, the man who was cleared by a Houston Grand Jury for killing two thieves who were robbing his next door neighbor's house. She suggested that Mr. Horn be awarded the TAC Award (Thanks Alot Citizen).

I like this idea! It would be an excellent antithesis to the weekly CAT award and would highlight people doing things that we have or wish we had done. It's just a thought at this stage, but the award could have an icon similar to the CAT Award. It could also be awarded to fellow journalists based on words and/or actions. What is your opinion? Let me know in your comments or email me.

Today's Thought: For years, when that time of the month came, women had cramps. Now, it's explained with the acronym PMS. Did you realize that about the time the acronym PMS was first used, the acronym ESPN came into existence? Coincidence? Maybe, but that's just me.  

The Pictures: Today's theme is "It'll Be A Cold Day In Hell". Take a look, you'll get the gist.

This Date In History: 1881; President James A. Garfield, waiting for a train in Washington, D.C., is shot by Charles Guiteau. Garfield dies of his wounds on September 19th. 1903; Ed Delahanty, one of the great hitters of baseball's early years, dies at age 35 when he is swept into Niagara Falls after being removed from a train for threatening other passengers. 1937; Pioneer aviatrix Amelia Earhart and navigator Fredrick A. Noonan disappear without a trace in the South Pacific while attempting to fly around the world. 1961; Writer Ernest Hemingway commits suicide in Ketchum, Idaho, at the age of 61.

Birthdays: Hermann Hesse, novelist and poet (1877), Thurgood Marshall, lawyer and Supreme Court Justice (1906), Richard Petty, seven time NASCAR champion and seven time winner of the Daytona 500 (1937).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

For three years, the young attorney had been taking his brief vacations at this country inn. The last time he'd finally managed an affair with the innkeeper's daughter. Looking forward to an exciting few days, he dragged his suitcase up the stairs of the inn, then stopped short. 

There sat his lover with an infant on her lap! "Helen, why didn't you write when you learned you were pregnant?" he cried. "I would have rushed up here, we could have gotten married, and the baby would have my name!" 

"Well," she said, "when my folks found out about my condition, we sat up all night talkin' and talkin' and decided it would be better to have a bastard in the family than a lawyer."

Two nuns were cycling down a cobbled street. The first one says "I've never come this way before." The second one replies "It must be the cobbles."

That's it for today my little kidknee beans. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !


rjsisti said...

Again, I thank you for entertaining me!  Where in the world did you inherit this wit????????  LOL

Hugs, Rose

P.S.  Careful driving tonight...........terrible thunderstorms going on up here in Boca.

luvrte66 said...

I LOVE the idea of a TAC award! It might be a very pleasant antidote to the usual cat's asses. Great idea, Jackie! In fact, I have a nominee already!


jmorancoyle said...

    I like to highlight the positive in life. Now the challenge is finding it. Go for it!

lsfp1960 said...

How did you know that I bought kidknee beans at the store today? You must have ESPN!  Speaking of PMS, I saw a cute bumper stick today...."I'm out of Estrogen & I have a gun."    Have a marvy evening & be a good boy!  Linda in icky humid western Washington state

garnett109 said...

Jim I'm all in for the tac, but still keep the cat just have them on different days

bamawmn46 said...

Well Jimmy, looks like the TAC is on. I'm with garrett, don't faze out the CAT award!

When I pulled up your journal this afternoon, I mis-read the title for the day and read it as: If you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?  Of course, I instantly thought we had a CAT nominee <yes, you>.... all the while thinking, "Well, of course!"  Then I reread it and realized it for what it is. Song.
Your asp was saved and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Another CAT award foiled at the last minute!


rdautumnsage said...

I'm in agreement we should have both awards the TAC and the CAT ass award. Loved the picture theme today. (Hugs)Indigo

lanurseprn said...

TAC award is a good idea! I bet you'd come up with some good ones.
Enjoyed your always.

midwestvintage said...

 Love the idea for the TAC award and loved the pictures today.  Have a great night.