Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Countdown To Friday And July 4th !

Wednesday ended up being a chill night as the typical  South  Florida  summer  weather  inflicted it's will on the surrounding AREA 51 night spots, forcing me home a little earlier than I anticipated. Perhaps it was a gift because right after I arrived home, the night sky really opened up and it poured for a couple of hours.

So much for Hump Day, but tomorrow's the 4th of July and Friday. I have no idea what's on tap for tomorrow, but I'm going to attempt to get an early start on Friday's post in case there's a bar-b-cue or something early tomorrow. This should be one hell of a weekend!

I did manage to snag a video of some of the patrons at a local pub I stopped at last night. Everyone there was well dressed and I was a little hesitant to interrupt their discussion, but I was ready for a change so I listened to what they had to say. It was more or less what I had suspected.


The TAC Award seems to be a viable idea to accompany and be an antithesis to the Cat Award. Neither will rely on the other, but I think they'll compliment each other. Keep in mind that humor and entertainment is the gist behind the thought, although I do expect serious nominees as well. I'm still mulling over the "rules and regulations" of the award as of now. I'll be working on some ideas and I'll fill you in as the ideas materialize. I hoping to have something concrete by Wednesday.

Congratulations to the Columbian government and U.S. intelligence in the rescue of 15 hostages who had been held captive by NARC guerillas for over 5 years. The hostages included Columbian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and three American contractors. The rescuers also captured the local commander of the NARC faction.

The Pictures: I found a few "wanted" posters that I liked so they will be part of todays pictures. As always, there's cryptic and blatant hellos along with some of the goofy pics I seem to run across.

This Date In History: 1608; French explorer Samuel de Champlain establishes the first permanent European settlement in Canada, a trading post along the St. Lawrence River that becomes the city of Quebec. 1775; George Washington takes command of the Continental Army of the American colonies at Cambridge, Massachusetts. 1863; A Confederate charge led by General George E. Pickett fails to break the Union line in the Battle of Gettysburg, sealing a Union victory and turning the tide of the Civil War. 1971; American rock singer JimMorrison, leader of the Doors, dies in Parisof a drug overdose (come on baby light my pyre)......

Birthdays: John Copley, painter (1738), Leos Janacek, composer (1854), Franz Kafka, Austrian (Czech) novelist and short story writer (1883), Tom Cruise, actor (1962).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

A couple made a deal that whoever died first would come back and inform the other of the after life. The woman's biggest fear was that there was no heaven.

After a long life, the husband was the first to go, and true to his word, he made contact, "Mary... Mary..." Awestruck, Mary responds, "Fred, is that you ?" Fred says, "Yes, I have come back like we agreed." Mary says, "Well, what is it like?"

Fred excitedly tells his tale, "Well, when I get up in the morning I have sex, then I have breakfast, then I have sex again, then I sunbathe beside the golf course, then I have sex twice more, then I have lunch, then I have sex all afternoon until bedtime. Then, I start all over again the next day."

So happy Mary says, "Oh Fred, you surely must be in heaven." Fred replies, "Hell no, Mary, I'm a rabbit in Arizona."

Joe Bob, Jim Bob and Billy Bob are greeted in heaven by St. Peter. "We have only one rule," he says. "Never step on a duck"

But upon passing through the Pearly Gates, they're sur­rounded by thousands of ducks, and Joe Bob steps on one. The duck quacks and soon, all the ducks are quacking.

"I warned you not to step on a duck," admonishes St. Peter. He shackles Joe Bob to a ferocious looking 260 lbs Amazon woman for all eternity.

Jim Bob steps on a duck and gets tethered forever to a Brute 6 foot 6 redheaded Viking woman.

Billy Bob thinks, poor ole Joe Bob and Jim Bob. And learns to watch his step. So St. Peter chains him to an absolutely gorgeous girl.

"Wow!" exclaims Billy Bob. "What did I do to deserve this?"

"I don't know about you," says the buxom beauty. "But I stepped on a duck."

That's it for today my little Inn Grown Hares. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !

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luvrte66 said...

Have a great weekend and holiday, Jimmy. Hope you stumble upon a barbecue! Well...not literally. You know what I mean.


lsfp1960 said...

I have to save the video for little old laptop won't play them.  I heard via Robin that you all were getting rained on last night and then the rain came to Washington & we got it too.  My favorite of today's pictures ~ has to be #9 and #18,without a doubt, in fact I think I'll go have one!  Happy fourth of July to you & the kitty.  Linda in WA

garnett109 said...

Jimmy "2Times" Sullivan, I see you are still tell that joke about the penguin.

jmorancoyle said...

     Funny, funny. For the CATS ASS award, I nominate the idiot who decided it was absolutely necessary to tell the Marine they can't go home yet. I wonder if he bit the bullet and told some himself. I'd also like to nominate the military wizard who came up with the rescue plan to bring those engineers home. Good work.

bamawmn46 said...

Maybe your "Hump Day" activities were cut short, but your humor never is! Maybe it was cut short because we all know this weekend will be full of fun and frolick!


midwestvintage said...

 Happy 4th.  I will think of you while I am working and mentally have a perfect martini in your name.  They just opened a martini bar here.  I have never had one.  What should I ask for and how should they prepare it.  I will toast you in honor of my first one.


nhd106 said...

Funny stuff!  (the video, the jokes...etc)   You often remind me of jokes I used to tell but forgot all about!
Thanks and Happy 4th...