Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Somedays The News Just Gives You That Warm, Fuzzy Feeling !

Yesterday, the Harris County Grand Jury in Houston, Texas, cleared retired Pasadena resident Joe Horn of the killing of two men who were burglarizing his next door neighbor's home. On November 14, 2007, Horn had called 911 and was told not to interfere and that the police had been notified. Five minutes later, the police still had not arrived and Horn told the dispatcher that the burglars were leaving the house with a bag of loot.

Horn was told again not to interfere and he responded that the law states that it is legal to protect your property in Texas and that he was not going to let them get away with it. The dispatcher heard him go outside to confront the burglars, yelling "move and I'll shoot!" The next sound was two blasts from a twelve gauge shotgun which killed both burglars.

The two men, Hernando Riascos Torres, aka Miguel Antonio DeJesus and Diego Ortiz, are both illegal immigrants from Colombia. Torres had been deported to Columbia in 1999 after serving time for possession and intent to distribute cocaine.


                                      Torres                          DeJesus

As usual, a Houston black activist named Quanell X (I couldn't make this crap up if I tried), who called for murder charges, led a protest in front of Horn's house but was met with a larger amount of Horn supporters and was jeered and booed when he attempted to speak.


                                        Quanell X (in beige suit)

It's nice to see someone stand up to the street monkeys who blatantly rob at will on a daily basis. Perhaps this particular incident might make them take notice.

Kudos to Governor Matt Blunt and the Missouri legislature for passing a bill yesterday outlawing cyberbullying. The law was prompted by the death of Megan Meier, the 13 year old teen who committed suicide after receiving cruel and demeaning messages on the Internet.

I am outraged over a local court case involving a man who sued a hospital and his doctor for malpractice. The man was scheduled to have a gangrenous leg removed and in surgery, the doctors removed the healthy leg. Once aware of his error, the physician then removed the infected leg.

The court's ruling was overwhelmingly in favor of the hospital and physician and the case was thrown out of court. In a media interview after the ruling, the judge was asked why the case was thrown out of court. The judge replied, "The man didn't have a leg to stand on" (gotcha!).

The Pictures: More of the Joe Horn photographs from today showing crowd reaction to the protest by Quanell X. Oh, and there's a few of the "usual suspects' in there too.

This Date In History: 1863; The Union army takes heavy losses on the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg, considered the pivotal battle in the American civil war. 1867; The British North America Act, passed by the British Parliament, goes into effect, joining four North American colonies in the Dominion of Canada.

1898; Theodore Roosevelt leads a group of volunteers known as the Rough Riders in their charge on San Juan Hill in Cuba at the beginning of the Spanish-American War. 1997; At the end of its 99-year lease on the territory, Britain returns Hong Kong to Chinese control.

Birthdays: George Sand, the pseudonym of Amandine Aurore Lucile, Baroness Dudevant,French novelist of the romantic movement, whose many love affairs shocked Parisian society (1804), Charles Laughton, actor and director (1899), Diana, Princess of Wales (1961).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

Three old men were sitting around talking about who had the worst health problems. The seventy-year-old said, "Have I got a problem. Every morning I get up at 7:30 and have to take a pee, but I have to stand at the toilet for an hour 'cause my pee barely trickles out." 

"Heck, that's nothing, " said the eighty year old. "Every morning at 8:30 I have to go, but I have to sit on the can for hours because of my constipation. It's terrible". 

The ninety-year-old said, "You guys think you have problems! Every morning at 7:30 I pee and crap like a racehorse." The eighty year old says, "So what's you problem?" The ninety year old says, "I don't wake up 'til eleven."


The AOL tech checked the laptop and asked, "Who's been monkeying around with the computer?"

That's it for today my little jelly beans. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned ! 


rjsisti said...

Thanks for my guaranteed chuckle of the day!

Staying home tonight?

Hugs, Rose

carouselqueen70 said...

it is nice to see justice finally win. He had the right to do what he did. They would have continued to harass inocent people. They may have even killed someone. Bravo to the Jury. ...Christine

luvrte66 said...

Damn, don't mess with Texas, huh?


bamawmn46 said...

Quannell X ??  I don't even know how to say that!!  Any relation to Malcom?

Kudos to Joe and Congratulations on being cleared!!  Perhaps he will win the TAC award this week!! (Thanks Alot Citizen!)


lsfp1960 said...

And the hits just keep on coming.  I hadn't heard about the Texas case.  We have one going here in this area where the defendant has been deported 3 or 4 times already.  Now he's charged with manslaughter in the death of his 7 month old son. These people are draining this country dry!  Linda in WA

midwestvintage said...

 Well the doctor joke alone was worth the visit, LOL.  I want Joe Horn as my neighbor,


garnett109 said...

Joe Horn For Prez.
Jim I'm going to kick you in the ass, he did not have a leg to stand on, lmao!

jmorancoyle said...

    You have Quannel X, we have Jesse Jackson. I can see that there are times when an individual or group needs defending. Then someone should be there. What I don't understand is the idea that just because someone is of a certain race, everything he does is right and every charge against him must be defended. There are times when wrong is simply wrong.

lanurseprn said...

I'm glad that Horn was cleared. YAHOO!
LOL on the leg. You had me going on that one.
Have a good weekend.
Pam xoxox