Thursday, September 13, 2007

Variations On A Theme; Disrespect And Violence !

There is a police manhunt going on as I start today's entry. A car was pulled over this morning for erratic driving by police who were conducting an undercover investigation into robberies in the area. A black male came out of the car with an AK-47 automatic rifle and fired on the police officers, killing one and wounding three others. At this time, the murderer is still on the loose and the intensive manhunt is now covering three counties. I assure you if I was one of the officers who happened to find this dirtbag, he would never see a courtroom or another light of day, for that matter.

Rosie O'Diesel has a new book, coming out (no pun intended) October 2nd, called "Celebrity Detox (The Fame Game)". From what I've been able to gather from news blurbs, RO'FA is still dissing and regurgitating garbage about everyone and everything, including Barabara Wawa. She states that on "The View', during commercial breaks, the audience would shout out "we love you, Rosie" and that Walters admonished the audience, saying that they should not say they loved Rosie when there were three other people on the panel. I'm sure that I'll have more on Ms. O'Diesel in the coming days !

The inmates from AREA 51 met last night at Lakes Cafe and Pub. I had the pleasure of the company of my sweet Nicole, and we joined Hector and Lourdes, Al and Lydia, Dr. Marc and Rosie, et al, and we laughed all night. There just seemed to be a distinct aroma....of happiness in the air followed by an urge to eat chicken wings. Richard and Danny have about eighty percent of the new flooring down and it really looks nice. Richard says he thinks they'll be finished by Friday and the new tables and chairs are in, ready to be placed on the new floor. I did take a few pictures last evening which I will show you next week along with the other pictures I hope to take Friday.

 The Pictures: More of the stunning pictures that I extracted from a slide show. I hope the clarity and crispness of these pictures come across your screens as brilliantly as they do mine.

This Date In History: 1942; During World War II, the German siege of Stalingrad, Russia, begins. Their failure to take the city during the four month battle will alter their drive toward Moscow. 1943; Chiang Kai-Shel, the longtime leader of Nationalist China, is elected president of the country. 1993; Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat and Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin meet at the White House signing of a peace accord.

Birthdays: Milton Hershey, choclate manufacturer and my personal hero, as well as the hero of many of my readers, whose names will not be mentioned, but you know who you are (1857), Claudette Colbert, actress (1905), Bill Monroe, blue grass musician (1911).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:   Attorneys - Part deux

How are an apple and an attorney alike? They both look good hanging from a tree. Have you heard about the new sushi bar that caters to attorneys? It's called sosumi ! The post office has recalled their latest stamps, featuring pictures of famous lawyers, because consumers could not figure out which side to spit on. How can a pregnant woman tell that she's carrying a future attorney? She has a craving for a lot of baloney. How many attorneys does it take to changea light bulb? It only takes one attorney to change your light bulb into his light bulb. How many attorneys does it take to change a light bulb? Attorneys can't change a light bulb. Now, if you're looking for an attorney to screw a light bulb...... What do you call twenty-five skydiving lawyers? Skeet ! What do you call a lawyer gone bad? Senator ! What's the difference between a lawyer and a bucket of bullshit? The Bucket ! What's black and looks good on a lawyer? A doberman ! Why don't sharks bite attorneys? Professional courtesy !

That's it for today, my little kitty kats. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !


bamawmn46 said...

Would Milton Hershey be happy with the move to Mexico?  HHhhhhmmm...  just a thought....
I always enjoyed Claudette Colbert's movies....
Hope the cops find their AK/47 carrying jerk.....

bamawmn46 said...

I forgot to mention:

For the CAT award, I nominate the jerks that kidnapped that girl up in W. VA, kept her hostage for a week, made her eat rat droppings and drink toliet water and abused her in more ways than there are days left in this week.


midwestvintage said...

 I could read these lawyer jokes all day.   Especially love the Senator one.  I agree with the cat award for the kidnappers.  Take care my little chickadee.


ksquester said...

I think you go out more than any man I know.  Wish Doc had that desire.  He does, but doesn't like it!  Not only do you go out but you have the audacity to have FUN!!!!!   GOOD for you.  We will be visiting our attorney tomorrow and will try my best NOT to remember these funny jokes.  No divorce, just a lawfuit in the works. If I can ever calm down long enough, I'll blog about it.    Anne  

lanurseprn said...

I really hope the cops catch that guy with the gun!!
Glad you had fun with your friends!  What a fun thing to look forward to each week.  Enjoyed the jokes! Have a good Friday!