Saturday, September 8, 2007

Parents Of Missing Child Officially Suspects !

The parents of Madeleine McCann are now suspects in the disappearance of their four year old child. The Portuguese authorities have not charged the couple as yet. As I told you yesterday, this sounded weird from the beginning and the authorities have not helped in their poor handling of the case. Obviously overwhelmed, the police should have asked for outside help in the investigation from the beginning.

There is also another male suspect who lives nearby, although he has not been charged as of yet. It just makes me wonder when the parents become so adamant about finding their child to the point you feel that the emotions displayed become rather theatric. This always sounds my alarms. The days ahead should be interesting.

The Pictures: A potporri of colors and shades, lightning, a big cat, a little cat and a lupine setting in Hallifax, Nova Scotia.

This Date In History: 1565; Spanish colonists led by explorer Pedro Mendez de Avila establish the first permanent settlement in North America at Saint Augustine, Florida. 1900; An unexpected hurricane devastates Galveston, Texas, killing 6,000 people. 1954; The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) is founded. 1974; U.S. president Gerald Ford, who took office after Richard Nixon's resignation, pardons Nixon for "any crimes he committed or may have committed" while in office.

Birthdays: Richard I, the Lion-hearted, English king (1157), Jimmy Rodgers, country singer and songwriter (1897), Peter Sellers, actor (1925), Patsy Cline, country music singer (1932).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

An elderly couple, both well into their 80's, go to a sex therapist's office. The doctor asks, "How can I help you?". The man said, "We want you to watch us making love." The doctor raises both eyebrows, but he is so amazed that such an elderly couple is asking for sexual advice, he agrees. When the couple finishes, the doctor says, "There's absolutely nothing wrong with the way you make love," He wishes them good luck, charges them $50 and says goodbye.

About a week later, the couple return and asks the doctor to observe them again. The doctor is a bit puzzled, but agrees. This happens several weeks in a row.

After three months of this routine, the doctor finally asks the couple, "I'm sorry, but exactly what are you trying to find out?" The man replies, "Were not trying to find out anything. She's married, so we can't go to her house. I'm married, so we can't go to my house. The Holiday Inn charges $150 and the Hilton charges $200. We do it here for $50 and I get $43 back fron medicare."

That's it for today, my little pixies. Have a great weekend and more on Monday.

Stay Tuned !


midwestvintage said...

Loved the joke.


nhd106 said...

Yup...that one of my favorite jokes!  Very cute...and unfortunately realistic somewhat.
Speaking of unfortunately...that whole McCann case really is an outrage.

Love how your journal is the true yin and yang of the blogger world~


bamawmn46 said...

Have a wonderful Sunday, my pet!!

lanurseprn said...

Everytime I come here to visit you I always leave with a smile! Thanks Jimmy!
Hugs...Pam xoxox

ksquester said...

Have a great weekend.  You always put a smile on my face. Love the pictures.  St. Augustine.......fountain of youth, yes?    Anne

rdautumnsage said...

Wonderful collage of pictures. Somehow I think at this point finding the little girl alive isn't going to happen. Thanks for the chuckle with the Hit's for Today! (Hugs) Indigo