Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm On A Mission !

Early entry 'cause I'm going on a mission. Things have been hectic today but it's under control. I'll explain more later or if I'm fortunate, tomorrow.

The Pictures: Some more of my favorites and a special poster for all my nurses and educators.

This Date In History: 1851; The first issue of the New York Daily Times appears, The word "Daily" will be dropped from the newspaper's title six years later.

Birthdays: Greta Garbo, actress (1905).

The Hits Just  KeepOn Coming: Two guys were walking home from work when one turned to the other and said, "Man, I'm gonna rip off my wife's panties when I get home." His friend replied, "What's the rush?" The man answered, "The damned elastic in the legs is killing me !"

That's it for now, my little bunnies. More later, if my mission fails. More tomorrow if it doesn't.

Stay Tuned !

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ksquester said...

Ok...........you know that I am a curious person.  Whatever you do, be safe.   Anne

midwestvintage said...

 Hope your mission is successful.   Loved the poster.


bamawmn46 said...

I like the picture of the nuns.... hope your mission is a fun one!! If not, hope it's over soon....

nhd106 said...

I hope everything is okay, Jimmy.  Drop me an email if you get a chance.