Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today Is Memorial Day !

Yes, friends, today is Memorial Day ! It always was, since I was a puppy. Somewhere back in the '60s, it was decided that the memorial observance would be changed to a generic date, obstensibly to allow everyone to have a three day weekend of celebration (?). I wonder if the troops get a three day weekend so they can celebrate also. I'm not knocking a three day weekend, I think it's great. Just continue to remember the fallen and injured troops on today's date and be proud that their efforts allow us the three day weekend. (Jimmy has gotten off the soapbox).

I'll be in Area 51 this afternoon at Krystel's. Hump Day is here, rapidly I might add, and I will be at my post and taking names. No excuses for not attending today's festivities.

Odds and Ends: I noticed the other day that my toenails needed cutting and I trimmed them in the same manner as usual, but I noticed something. Why is it that as you get older, your toenails get tougher to trim? I briefly considered getting a pedicure, but I was warned by the nail salon that really tough toenails owners are normally escorted outside the premises where they are clipped by the Vet. Fortunately, I don't yet qualify for that procedure, but I didn't want to test the waters.

My friend called me the other day for advice on his upcoming divorce settlement and I advised him to demand that the bar tab be split equally.

The Pictures: I think you'll like these, especially Indigo and the ladies.! I've also included some signs of "gas". (Insert flatulence joke here).

This Date In History: 1783; The Pennsylvania Evening Post and Daily Advertiser is the first newspaper to be published in the United States. 1911; Ray Harroun wins the first Indianapolis 500 automobile race. 1971; The U.S. space probe (don'tcha just hate that word?) Mariner 9 is launched on its first mission to Mars; it becomes the first artificial satellite of another planet when it orbits Mars the following November.

Birthdays: Maria Del Carmen S-B, Happy Birthday my love (19XX), Cornelius Otis Skinner, actor (1901), Benny Goodman, jazz clarinetist and orchestra leader (1909), Alexi A. Leonov, Soviet cosmonaut and artist (1934).

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

What's the difference between the Pope and your boss? The Pope just expects you to kiss his ring. How do you stop your husband from reading your email? Change the file to read "Instructions Manual". If women with big boobs work at Hooters, where do women with one leg work? IHOP. Why did the blonde only change her baby's diapers only once a month? Because the box said. "good for up to 20 pounds".

Larry Birkhead's former attorney, (A) and former C.A.T. winner, Debra Opri, has requested binding arbitration for her nearly $650,000 dollar bill to Birkhead for representation. The bill included dinner bills in excess of $1,000.00 (Birkhead wasn't present), her husband's dry cleaning, plane fare to and from the Bahamas to attend the funeral for Anna Nicole Smith (she wasn't invited) and bills for lobster dinner take-outs. How do you get an attorney out of a tree? Cutthe rope !    

That's it for today my little peaches. More tomorrow. See you tonight at Krystel's.

Stay Tuned !


lanurseprn said...

I look forward to hearing about Area 51 escapades tomorrow! That is...if you remember them <sly grin>.

lanurseprn said...

I came back to see your pictures! Great wildlife photos Jim. And I laughed at the gasoline ones.  Thanks for calling me back!
Have fun tonight. Take pics of yourself tonight. I wanna see you!

bamawmn46 said...

Happy Memorial-Hump Day! Have fun tonight!