Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's A Long Lazy Weekend !

This will be a long relaxing weekend and my hope is that everyone enjoys it and more importantly, gets throught it safely. I'm breaking from my normal (?) routine and I'm going with a more laid back style for today.

Last night's escapades at Krystel's were minor and it was very slow due to the long weekend. I represented Area 51 in a manner that you would be proud of, limiting myself to a few drinks with Mr Dewars and wrapping up any outstanding world problems prior to escaping for the weekend. My friend, Brenda, came in late and her outfit was outstanding! I snapped a few pictures which I'll show you next week. We recessed earlier than usual and went home.

I sure do miss seeing you, Laury ! I'm going to try and set up lunch for next week. Please make plans, my perfect martini.

The problems with AOL pictures will hopefully be resolved by Wednesday and everyone will be back on track. In the interim, I'm using some pictures which are good for the panning style of this particular feature, in which the camera moves side to side, in and out, and up and down. I know you've seen most of these, Indigo, but perhaps not in this style. Nancy, I left out the white wine pictures, but I'm chilling a bottle for you. 

I'll probably be in and out with entries this weekend, hopefully with some thoughts on the Indianapolis 500 and the Nascar Charlotte 600, both of which will be run tomorrow. I be calling you, Jeanne, to see if you're watching the race.

The Indy race will be interesting as there will be three ladies racing in the event and I hope they do well. My thinking is that Danica Patrick will have a good chance to win and she has good equipment (and the car's fast too). Sorry, lost my train of thought for a moment.

A note to my lady friends: I'll be preparing your drinks, as usual, this weekend. I know you all can't make it here physically, but I appreciate you stopping by, at least in thought. Remember to bring some munchies ! Jackie, leave the mule home ! I'll close for now and leave you with one of my favorite pictures, which I'm sure you girls will appreciate. That's it for today, my sexy little kittens. Stay Tuned !  



bamawmn46 said...

Have a good weekend, JImmy!!  Be safe out there.... you never know who you'll run into!

lanurseprn said...

I hope you enjoy your race tomorrow and have a good weekend!

jtbeanster said...

Love the pixs Jim as seeing them reminds me of the pictures you painted.  Truly awesome.  I will be right here in front of the tv watching both races so stay in touch.
love ya