Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NASCAR Needs To Make Some Rule Changes To Insure Driver Safety !

The Nascar Talladega race last Sunday was marred by the dangerous crash of Ryan Newman in the waning moments of the race. Nascar has the Sprint Cup drivers so handcuffed with rules aimed at keeping speeds lower that it forces the drivers to run three abreast, bumper to bumper at speeds of over 190 miles per hour in the closing laps of every race.

Whether or not Nascar intends for wrecks like this one to happen is immaterial. Not surprising, however, is the fact that if the cars are not bunched up with twenty laps to go, inevitably Nascar discovers "debris" on the track and throws the caution flag.

Nascar needs to take the carburetor restrictions off the engines, put in smaller motors and make these cars a little harder to drive. This will separate the real racers from the rest of the pack and, more importantly, better insure driver safety.

That's if for now my little speed bumps. More soon!

Stay Tuned!

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garnett109 said...

I totally agree Jimmy