Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fool The Public Once, Shame On You. Fool The Public Twice, Shame On The Public !

Everyone has the right to their own opinion and the right to express that opinion via the vote. I believe that most voters are uneducated as to politics and have a relatively short memory span as to campaign promises and the actual realization of said promises.

In Cartegena, Columbia last week, Obama, during a Univision interview said he would seek to tackle immigration policy in the first year of his second term.

"President Obama only talks about immigration reform when he's seeking votes," said Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul. "Then-candidate Obama promised to tackle immigration reform in his first year. More than three years into his term, America is still waiting for his immigration plan."

Hispanics are an increasingly important voting bloc in presidential elections. Obama won a sizable majority of the Hispanic vote in the 2008 election and his campaign is hoping for similar results this November.

Obama spoke to Univision, a network widely watched by Latinos in the United States, while in Colombia for the Summit of the Americas.

Truth be told, in 2008, candidate Obama ran a "tell them what they want to hear" campaign based on hype. It's relatively easy to draw a crowd when your campaign promise is "free ice cream." The 2008 election appeared to be a version of "American Idol" rather than a serious reflection on the realities of running the country.

Three and a half years have passed since the "Free Ice Cream" campaign and Obama has added more money to the national debt than all the previous presidents combined. His multitude of broken campaign promises can be read in depth at

The 2012 elections are rapidly approaching. Obama cannot run on his atrocious record so you can look forward to a smokescreen campaign using anything that can be spun away from his first three and a half years.

All politicians are liars. What America has to do is choose the candidate who lies the least.

That's it for now, my little fur balls. More soon.

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