Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Nostalgic Trip Back To The Gas Stations Of The Past

One thing I miss about the past is gas stations that provided one with service and a smile. You could drive into the gas station and run over the little hose that sounded the service bell. The neatly attired attendant would come out, take your request for gasoline and begin pumping. During the fill up, the attendant would check your oil and water, check the battery and clean your windshield. If you requested, the attendant would also check your tires to make sure they had the required pressure. Women and most men did not know how to operate the gas pump as there was no real necessity to learn the process.

Restrooms were usually clean and all necessary items such as hand towels and toilet paper were always on hand. Upon returning to your car and paying for your gasoline and any incidental items, you were rewarded for your patronage in the way of stamps which could be redeemed for merchandise. Additionally, there were give-aways of glasses and plates as a sign of thanks for visiting the establishment.

Gas prices were low in comparison to today and taking inflation into effect, the gas cost ratio to average incomes was much better. Better yet, you could buy a Coca Cola for around ten cents (including deposit).

Today's pictures are just some of the gas stations around the United States in days of yore and I found them interesting and nostalgic. I hope you enjoy them.

Stay Tuned !


garnett109 said...

Those station were alittle before my time!

Missy said...

I think they were before mine too.

In New Jersey they still come out and pump your gas lol! It's state law. I almost got arrested when I was up there because I didn't know and I would hand the attendant the pump. I thought he was going to charge me a fee for pumping it for me lol.

Anyway, nothing is like it used to be. Our world is just going to hell.