Monday, October 27, 2008

Politicians Are Assholes !

I'm tired of the same rhetoric from politicians from the presidential candidates down to the local politicians in the cities and towns across America. Their speeches have been reduced to childish name calling and they rarely speak about their true platforms, to wit:


My name is Lying Politician and I'm a candidate for (mayor, city council, congress, dog catcher...whatever). My opponent, Thieving Politician, is a wife beater, communist, socialist, drunkard, and car thief.

If elected, I will cut your taxes, buy you a car, send your children to college and mow your lawn. Please vote for me on November 4th.

Is this the new politics of America? Insult your opponent, promise the voters anything (whether possible or not) and be as vague as possible about your platform?

Politicians are becoming lower than whale shit and that's quite a feat indeed, seeing that whale shit is at the deepest depths of the oceans.

Stay Tuned !

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garnett109 said...

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